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Hello! How are you? Good! Welcome to the fan group for the wonderfully captivating story Villainous, written by CrypticMetaphor!
Rules are as follows:
1. Don't be mean... Unless your in a situation similar to Jasper's as that would probably be hypocritical.
2. Have fun.
Now don't spaz over the fact there is only two rules. We will make more, should the reason arise. Alright, lets do this!

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Sequel got taken down yeeeeaaaars ago

Heck, why is there a link to a sequel to Villianous but it leads to a blank page?

The final chapter is up. The Cannon is established. My friends....TO YOUR KEYBOARDS!!!!!

341714 you can post any time but id recommend that it is after the last chapter is posted so that your story can match villainous cannon (And it is the final chapter so major changes could happen or just tiny weeny ones, who knows?)

So when the last chapter comes out, that's the okay to post right?

How would you feel if Alex Mason (not me) came to Equestria and layed Jasper out? Just out of curiosity?

So somepony told me that someone is reading Villainous on youtube, don't know if this is true or not. If somepony has links, share them please:pinkiehappy:

It's just... *sniff* so beautiful. :pinkiesad2:

Just wanted to let you guys know that I made a TV Tropes page for Villainous.

Go nuts.

As you all can see, i have posted subFolders in the Villainous tab, if you all have different wordings for them, let either me or kmdude344 know and they will be changed.

finally, some new members

Yes, yes you can. That's the idea

And may the AUs and sequels begin.

334365 I'm sorry but your picture just makes me laugh so much.

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