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This group is for stories in which I learn how to do magic!

Oh, I may have gotten the idea for the group name from the group Scootaloo: Achievement of Flight. Feel free to add any fanfics you find along this theme. I'd really like to see more of them.

And the forums are free for anypony interested to use, as long as discussions are somewhat on-topic.

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It's an oddly specific group idea, but it's more squeaky cuteness so count me in.

Sweetie Belle. my 8th favorite character, but also my favorite CMC member X3

396602 oh yeah? well I'm member #130!

Joined- hey look, I'm member #100! It's like magic!

Hi! I decided I wanted to write my first mlp story as a one off, and couldn't figure a topic. then I thought, Scootaloo learns magic! Then completely unrelated I find this group.... I haven't read any of the stories, nor will I till I write mine, but I figured I'd join and submit it as soon as it is done. Thanks guys for being there for me! EVEN IF YOU DON'T WANT TO HAHAHA:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright::rainbowlaugh:

hey everyone
first off I'd like to say I love sweetie and I think her potential makes her perfect for stories like these. I'm working to be making a story like these so we'll see how that turns out


That sounds like a good idea, but I accidentally cancelled the post I was making to start it. You can go ahead and create a thread about it, or I'll try again later, when I have more time...

How about we do a topic about all kinds of magic that we can think off?

You know, Ritual Magic, Rune Magic, Simple-Think to cast magic of MLP as it is shown. To let people know about this and inspire em?


Yes, lets!

Though I'm still looking for more stories about learning magic for this group...

Let's explore the world of magic then, shall we? :unsuresweetie:

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