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Admin for various groups, occasional vectorer of screenshots, and writes stories like Cubic Zirconia, among other things.

Arcum42 is a guy in his 30's who is a voracious reader, and has read a vast variety of science fiction and fantasy. He does technical support for a living and reads, tinkers with high-tech gadgets, programs, plays rpgs and computer games, and even writes fanfiction occasionally for fun.

And he likes ponies.

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  • Stolen Fire Fluttershy finds a strange, patchwork pony and takes care of him out of pity. by Tzelael 36,866 words · 1,099 views · 34 likes · 3 dislikes
  • Absolution Princess Luna's account of Nightmare Moon's rise, banishment, return and defeat. by Tzelael 4,362 words · 858 views · 19 likes · 0 dislikes

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Yeah, I suck... (re: writing, or the lack therein) · 10:03am August 13th

I was just looking, and Cubic Zirconia hasn't been updated in almost a year. I promise I haven't forgotten about it.

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Oh, while I'm still active, I used to be more so. I used to run a pretty high profile group on fimfiction, and a fair amount of older users know me from that, so I used to have more activity on my page, but since it closed, there's less reason to stop by, and a fair amount of older users are drifting away, including a number of friends of mine.

I'd also probably get more comments on my user page if I updated my main story more than once every six months or so. :moustache:

Anyways, thanks for stopping by!


It makes me legitimately depressed to see an active user with no new comments, so here.

How about both?

I've enjoyed it in the past, but haven't read much in the way of updates on any fanfics I'm following for quite a while. I was just pulling all the fanfics in my "Incomplete" bookshelf out that had completed, and sticking them in the "Completed" bookshelf, so I know which ones to read first, next time I catch up on fanfiction. :scootangel:


:pinkiehappy: Hi there! I hope you enjoyed the story, or plan to in the future? In either case, thanks!

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