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Admin for various groups, occasional vectorer of screenshots, and writes stories like Cubic Zirconia, among other things.

Arcum42 is a guy in his 40's who is a voracious reader, and has read a vast variety of science fiction and fantasy. He does technical support for a living and reads, tinkers with high-tech gadgets, programs, plays rpgs and computer games, and even writes fanfiction occasionally for fun.

And he likes ponies.

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An Old MFAB Second Chapter Draft · 6:47am Jun 12th, 2020

You know, I never continued Magical Filly Apple B, and I suspect I never will, but I do have a fair amount of an old draft lying around for the second chapter.

I remember I really felt like I needed to go through and revise Twist's familiar's accent, as it was getting rather out of control. I was having trouble with Twist's lisp, a bit, too.

Diamond's minion... would probably have been controversial. I still rather like it.

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Last seen over a year ago. Hope you're well, friend, wherever you may be.

HUGE GOD BLESS. God loves you, now and forever.

How's the cubic zirconia fic going?

So how did that resolution work out? :twilightsheepish:

Been kind of stuck myself lately, spent the past three or four years trying to work up to original fiction. I think I finally have a good outline/idea for my 'pilot' novel, but only time will tell. Also finally got some prospect of gainful employment. It's a government-sponsored course in programming, as it turns out. Got about 80% on all my tests so far, except the last one, the Javascript one. Scored 100% on that.

I realise it's way past Thanksgiving and it was only a small comment you made thereabouts way back when, but still... thanks for the suggestion. It means more when it comes from a neutral source.

Merry Christmas, and happy holidays. If I forget to put up anything at the appropriate time, best of luck in the new year, too.


I really need to catch up on your stuff...

I really need to catch up on my stuff...

On a semi-related note, how are things? Thinging as usual, I should hope? If anyone needs eldritch chaos magic cursing, just say the word:pinkiecrazy:

Or, you know, if you just want to bounce ideas, that's fine, too.:twilightblush:

Still thinging as usual, though one thing I haven't been doing much of is writing, unfortunately. My most recent chapter of Cubic Zirconia was published a year after the previous one, and it was mostly finished several months before I published it. Just winging it is worse off on that front, and Magical Filly Apple Bloom is the worst off of the lot.

It's mostly not even plotting but not sitting down to write, too. I have too many distractions, and I'm at a point where I probably need to do some rereading (though I recall I've got something like half of the next chapter of Just Winging It written). Cubic Zirconia is in one of these spots where it'd be easier to write the next chapter than the current one, since Diamond's finally actually in school again, and the school threads need wrapping up.

I have a feeling I need to start closing distractions on my main computer when not in use, or getting my spare one in shape and in a spot where I'll use it.

Ironically, one thing that changed should give me more time. I've been working from home for probably the last year or so (though next week, I'm going to have to go into the building for a week), Trouble is I was doing some of my writing in the transit time I no longer have. Not to mention I was consistently getting overtime for a while.

I suspect I mostly need to kick myself into gear a bit, stop watching so many Let's Play's on youtube and things like that, and probably reread through my stories...

Otherwise, not really as active as I used to be on the site, but that happens over time...


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