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A group dedicated to stories with pagan themes or by pagan authors.

All are welcome in this group (Christian, Pagan, Hindu, Jewish, Moslem, etc), but it is mainly for the discussion of Paganism and its theology and ideas, amongst practitioners, scholars and curious members of other religions alike. Paganism here is defined as "any indigenous, syncretic or reconstructionist non-monotheistic tradition outside of, or pre-dating the Abrahamic faiths."

This includes: Wicca, native African religions and their syncretic offshoots such as Candomble, Vodun and Santeria, Hinduism, Chinese folk religion, Japanese Shinto, Asatru, Druidry, Hellenic and Roman reconstructionist movements, Slavic neopaganism, and many others. Strict rules on trolling and tolerance will be enforced, but calm discussions and debates are allowed so long as they remain civil and users respect the cultural and spiritual sensitivities of others. (In other words, insulting or demeaning someone else's tradition to purposely annoy them is strongly discouraged)

Our goal is to help bring open minded people together and to give people a safe place to talk about Paganism and its many forms without fear of being trolled or mocked.

We are looking for admins and consultants (Contributors) from as many traditions as possible to help keep the group from becoming too biased.

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I have a story called 'why? A tale of Anon-a-Miss' where my O.C. (Original Charter) Eventide Shimmer Soleil is pagan I was wondering if this story can go into this group.

I'm not actually Pagan, but I'm interested in the ideas of Paganism.

The original definition of "Pagan" was any non Christian religion.

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