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Hello all, and welcome to The Gem Hunters! Our aim here is to categorise stories according to their quality.

Submit your stories to the Incoming folder, and someone will take a look at them.


Incoming: Post your stories here, and we'll review them and sort them appropriately.

The very best of the best.

Almost as good as Diamonds, but not quite there.

Excellent stories.

Superb stories.

Good stories.

Not quite as good as Opals, but still pretty good.

Above average stories.

Average stories.

Stories which need a bit of work to shine.

Stories which need a lot of work to shine. Readers are recommended to provide constructive criticism on these.

Stories that require an almost impossible amount of work to shine. Again, constructive criticism is a good idea.

All Mature stories go here. No exceptions.

Admin's Personal Jewels are stories which have been written by the admins. Only JumpingShinyFrogs is allowed to review them. Be assured that double standard shall be avoided.

Please don't murder us and flame us over low grades. We are like Applejack; exceedingly honest.

That doesn't, however mean that we can be rude, with no regard for your feelings, so if you feel one of our reviewers has been unnecessarily harsh or mean, call us out on it!

All folder images made by me (JumpingShinyFrogs).
Banner and icon made by Romaji.

Rules (sorry, but they're necessary):

1: No flaming or spamming in the forum. This is just downright mean and unfair.
2: Three strikes and you're out. First strike is a warning, second strike is a temporary ban, third is a permaban.
3: You are allowed to self-promote here, just don't overdo it.
4: Have fun!

(New rules explained in this thread.)

Our Noble Excavation Leaders (Admins):
1: JumpingShinyFrogs (Group founder and primary story reviewer)
2: Dancewithknives (Forum and complaints monitor; approach them with reports and problems)
3: blowngasket (Story reviewer)
4: superpony55 (Story reviewer)
5: Flint Sparks (Story reviewer)
6: Typewriterpony (Story reviewer)
7: The Planyx (Story reviewer)
8: BluegrassBrooke (Story reviewer)
9: Cromegas Flare (Story reviewer)
10: SPark (Story reviewer)
11: IceboxFroggie (Story reviewer)
12: Crackers (Story reviewer)

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Understandable. Hope all goes well then.

367711 No, we are all just really busy. We'll try to get on top of it soon.

the only place we can put it is in the "Incoming" folder, but it's been locked until the stories in there can be filtered down and sorted out. No idea when that is going to happen, since this group is sort of dead. Which reminds me~

I forgot to directly reply to you in my previous post, and apologize for that. But is this group dead?

How do I submit a story? I can't seem to find a submit button anywhere! Can sompony please help me?

359903 Good question... My story and several other deserving stories have been in the inbox for months now, waiting.

I don't mean to be rude or anything, and I understand if life has gotten in the way.

But is this group dead?

I hope not.

353385 Any type of story. One-shots, epics, clopfics. Complete or incomplete, it doesn't matter.

Wow, thanks! Whenever you're ready is fine! Are you allowed to submit incomplete stories?

353164 Normally, you would post it to the Incoming folder, but we are currently transitioning after the group went into a bit of a coma. In other words, there's a huge backlog, so we locked the folder.

It should open again soon.

I'm going to sound like a total noob, but how do you submit a story?

I agree. This should be an interesting group.

Just wanted to leave a comment saying that I think this group is a wonderful idea, and I hope this group continues to grow as it has been doing. :twilightsmile:

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