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'British-ness! Words! Other stuff! Why the fuck you askin' me?!' - ReaderReads, on his priorities

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Hello! I'm ReaderReads. I've been here since March 21st 2014; ignore what the thing above says, it's wrong, I had another account which I primarily used for reading which I just kinda abandoned. Shifted everything over here.

I'm a British model/actor/author, and my favourite things (at the moment) are writing, going to the gym (I know it sounds weird but it's really fun okay??), talking to people, dancing, and playing games. It's a weird set of hobbies/interests, I think. Not sure. They might change, mine are constantly fluctuating - though you can rely on writing and talking to always be there! If you wanna strike up a conversation, go on, because I can guarantee I'd love to talk to you.

Recently started posting some stuff here! Even if this site is nowhere near as popular as a few years ago - around the time authors such as Loyal2Luna, Harry Leferts, and DarkWing started leaving - I hope to contribute to it! Maybe it'll see a revival; who knows? One can hope!

Anyway, yeah! Might share some more info about myself if I feel like it! Don't bother asking for my name/age/place of living, I won't answer more personal questions!

I'm also ethnically Russian/Ukrainian. So there's that.


Something Unknown · 6:47pm Last Thursday

Hey, it's ReaderReads (kinda WriterWrites now, eh? No? Alright!)

Updates for Something Unknown might come a bit slower than they have been over the next week; I'm off to a place I don't think I'm allowed to talk about to shoot something. Which should be fun! Yay, acting!

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Thanks for adding Forgettable to your Favorites.

2738188 I will always enjoy the three seasons you wrote. Sucks that it’ll end on the 4th, and with a different writer too, but you’re busier and busier and I get that.

If you ever take back the writing for it, don’t be worried if you hear a squee over here in Britain. I’ll just be revelling in the return of DWC to The Life of a Wanted Changeling.

If you ever need some writing-related favour, I could try to help if you ever need it. You have an IOU from me for creating the most entertaining thing ever. The Nightmare is still a partial inspiration for some of my own, deadlier, crazier villains.

You, sir, have turned a decent day into a damned good one!


Trust me you fanboying is not that creepy. You've read my stories enough to know I've referenced and written far creepier things than just some fanboying.

I try my best to keep that balance ya know? I've always felt that a good comedy can keep you laughing while having a serious tone here and there to keep things interesting. And I've always felt that having elements of dark situations mixed with light goofiness brings the best of that kind of comedy out.

After all where there is light, there is dark. Can't have too much of the one or the other without things getting too complicated or annoying (looking at you Justice League and Mark Miller).

Glad to see you enjoy it so much!

2738161 You’ve never had your series called a masterpiece? Well, that’s blasphemy; I know I’ve never enjoyed reading anything more. God, the balance you strike between dark and light while sliding slowly into dark without ruining anything and while keeping elements of light? It’s amazing.

I’m still fanboying. Honestly, I kind of wanna reread the series again when I only finished my fifth read yesterday. Sorry.

...it’s probably getting kind of creepy. Still so awesome.

  • Viewing 54 - 58 of 58
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