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This group is centered around my series, Divine Entertainment and the universe I've created along with it.

It will be mostly used as a hub for my story, which I've decided to split into three parts. However, if you'd like and write your own story using the setting I've created, feel free to do so and post it into this group!

Have fun!

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what i want to write/read about is about the pegassi capital. It was barely mentioned in the story. Plus wasn't it made of clouds so couldnt they just MOVE IT to new equestria and have a advantage over everyone else.

The endless of ideas are endlessly fascinating, and to think what might come next, will either be good or bad, depending on how the story goes off on the things that could happen in this universe that's still in development at this very moment. Although, I would like to see side stories being develope while the mean one is still being written, so it may or may not help the developer in some way, or not.

415598 While there is potential in the setting, I'd be really surprised if anyone actually wrote a spin-off. Still, the group opens up the possibility, guess I'll just wait and see.

Can i do a story based off this D.E?

You have created a gold mine of rich ideas for authors hopefully we will see some storys be created soon!

<{ ^ u ^ }>

415580 Yeah... those would make for good stories huh

415578 well you could write about that one mare that Atlas first met, about any of the ponies in the crystal city, about an adventure one of the Ranger groups go on including the one group that got Atlas to the crystal city the possibilities for side stories are there

Dunno how spin-off stories could be made off of this.


I claim this spot as my own!

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