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Update 2 · 2:20pm Jul 8th, 2018

Hello everyone, I know my story have been updated for some time now. I have been having family, money, and general life problems that have been keeping me busy. That I don't even got time to watch season eight but the next chapter of beginning of Concord is 50% and the unverisal guard is 10% but my first story Art of equestria was done by my brother. I don't know if he'll still going to do it or not. I have two new story I'm making as well but it won't be done for a while one is going to be

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No problem love your stories.

thank you for the favorites

Fair enough I’m just glad that you like it

Honestly my favorite part would be king sombra wasn't sombra at all it was a clone then finding about the main are reincarnation is great. Not alot of people can make a story about reincarnation good. It's either way to fast or boring. Also I am a massive fan of Twi x villain where the villain is not really evil. If you know what I mean. Overall I loved everything. Not alot story can hold me to my chair for long periods of time. Have to admit it up there with past sin and fallout equestria but that's just my opinion.

Oh? Is it complicated?
And what was your favorite part or chapter?

  • Viewing 88 - 92 of 92
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