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Hello, and Welcome to History Bronies!

Here, we are all brought together because of our immense love for the subject of history. The civilizations of the past, the wars and revolutions that shaped our world, and those figures who made such collosal impacts that their very names are spoken with awe, those things (and more) are our fascination! Feel free to discuss history, debate historical topics, and perhaps even post stories relating to history.

Like all groups, this one has some rules-

1) Be respectful. Simple. Be tolerant of all walks of life- sexuality, race, gender, age, religion, political background. This is not the place for such things. Now, if a discussion on, say, the Caliphates includes some back-and-forth on Islam's merits and/or flaws, and some tensions flare and some things are said, that's discouraged but not rule-breaking. What I mean is that persistent bigotry and hate speech is not allowed. Furthermore, attacks on other group members are not tolerated.
2) No shitposting, trolling, or being disruptive. Self-explanatory. Stay on topic. Trolling and shitposting have their place on FiMFiction. Disruptive behavior (IE- consistently getting the group off-topic, always making comments with little-to-no value or relevence, stifling meaningful discussion, etc, etc) will not be tolerated.
3) No promoting other groups or users. That is not the purpose of this group.
4) No defying larger site guidelines.

Each case of rule breaking will be met with an appropriate action, depending on the rule broken, and the manner in which it was broken.

A Note on Politics
Politics and history are intertwined. This is an unavoidable fact, and we must accept it. One's political ideologies may twek their view on events, and this can be an issue. However, if one is able to set their own beliefs aside in order to objectively discuss any given topic, it's fine. In other words, this group is open to fellows of almost all political ideologies.
Of course, the rules still apply, and you must leave your prejudices at the door. Be open-minded and respectful. You can disagree, but behave like an adult.
Alongside this, there are These Three Conditions regarding any and all opinions.
If said opinion is-
A) Inherently discriminatory on foolish grounds
B) Actively harmful to the innocent
C) Based on misinformation that is the bedrock of the opinion
-it voids all ideas of respect and tolerance.
If the opinion in question is not A, B, or C, it's fine. You won't be silenced, you won't be discriminated against. You'll be treated as someone with a different belief, AKA, treated the same as everyone else.


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