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This is the official group for people who like the rule 63 version of our one and only-...Lord of Chaos, Discord! Let's give a hand to Eris!
Here, in the world of 63, we follow Eris, who likes to wreak mayhem and have tea with Butterscotch. She is the lady of chaos, so...nuff said.
There are no specific ships for this group, but I know ErisScotch is a big thing, so NO ship bashing!

Feel free to post your fanfics in the folders, but please make sure the upvotes are greater than downvotes for quality's sake, and no spamming. All regular group rules apply, despite this being a chaotic group.
The group is for the rule63 Discord, not an OC named 'Eris', but its okay to have a genderbent Discord in a normal MLP world.

Have fun~
And don't get too tangled in the Chaos, darlings!
PM me!

And leave random Eris art in the comments, that's always fun! Cause' why not!

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I just noticed something...

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