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The mirror pool · 12:12pm Nov 19th, 2016

Where the brambles are the thickest,
And howls of wind make blood curl,
There you find,
Where our pony reflections whirl,
A pond beyond the thickest vines,
Blackened and thorned like a lady's fate,
A whisper travelling from th' romane ear,
And though curiosity is tempting bait,
'Tis not a tale many a foal should hear.

Coming soon....
Mirror Pool
(Entirely done in rhymes(annoying as f) the tragic tale of the cursed pool,
Brought to you by Chaos Cloud Productions,

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Treasure's Hoard & Other Mishaps

Still Here.

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None of my incomplete stories (well, except maybe Beat the Game) are going to be abandoned. I will finish them, even if it takes me three years.

Fair enough. But it's good to know the story hasn't been abandoned, like many other really promising fics.

I’m flattered you think it was, but I started it way back when I had plenty of inspiration, and before life got in the way. Basically, everything I did relating to fimfiction got put on Haitus due to the major exams and courses I have this year and next year. If you are really interested, I have my constructed storyline and characters written and drawn. If enough people are interested, I will post it, and I may be able to continue my stories sometime next year.
It’s nice to know people are still interested, though it makes me guilty. It’s just that fimfiction doesn’t get priority over my studies.

Hey, DragonHistorian, what happened to 'All an illusion'? - It looked pretty promising.

  • Viewing 68 - 72 of 72
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