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blog log · 9:01pm May 22nd

im just that cool,blog log for a hog turns like a cog chasing a dog in the great log coated in fog

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There is a word that rhymes with Orange · 4:21am Dec 3rd, 2020

The Mountain that lies within Southeast Wales, t'is named Blorenge.


wanted: zebras · 5:46am Oct 29th, 2019

i'm a little desperate.................................

do anyone of you know how to do a good rhyme?

i'm in dire need of a zebra character to continue the fic.

if you have a zebra OC, can i please borrow it? along with your ryhming abilities?

i can't give the specific details here but, let's just say he/she'll play a pretty large role in Vann's life in Zebrica as a forced deity (or beyond).

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Does anyone speak Zecora? · 3:46am Mar 24th, 2016

I'm looking for someone who can translate normal speech into Zecora's style of rhyme. I could probably do it myself, but I'm a lazy guy. :trollestia: But in all seriousness, I plan on featuring Zecora in the future, and I want to do her speech pattern right.

So, does anyone where I can find someone, or perhaps a group, that has a good grasp on our favorite zebra?

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The mirror pool · 12:12pm Nov 19th, 2016

Where the brambles are the thickest,
And howls of wind make blood curl,
There you find,
Where our pony reflections whirl,
A pond beyond the thickest vines,
Blackened and thorned like a lady's fate,
A whisper travelling from th' romane ear,
And though curiosity is tempting bait,
'Tis not a tale many a foal should hear.

Coming soon....
Mirror Pool
(Entirely done in rhymes(annoying as f) the tragic tale of the cursed pool,
Brought to you by Chaos Cloud Productions,

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My Little Pony Poems · 4:35am October 9th

Here are a few poems I wrote during the production of a poetry book. I later decided to remove them from the book and publish them separately, as they are about G4 and thus would be difficult for the average joe to understand or "vibe with". Added some artwork for context.

"You're all Yak"

(C) Doodle-Mark

We’re jumping up and down hard,
Staring at each other’s eyes,

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OC Pottery · 10:37pm Feb 16th, 2016

Pear had to stop, to think and wonder
As an alpha wolf tore his ass asunder
How he made such an awful blunder
Underneath the starry sky.

"What say you?" to the wolf, he said
As the beast made his anus spread
Alas, no reply, but growling instead,
Red was dripping down his thigh.

Some time later, the Pear was done.
The Big Bad Wolf had had his fun
No longer in any fit state to run
Stunned, his final hour was nigh.

-Ben "Pear" Pearce, 2016


A little something for those that fight for the future... · 11:53pm Jan 28th, 2017

Shimmer, shimmer, tiny lights,
Precious flames that gives sights.
Burning brightly in our hearts,
Where dawn begins and hope starts.

Little bird on tired wings fly,
A noble giving ally.
Proud warrior fighting hard fights,
Hardy and true through the nights.

A timid clair spirits calm,
A true altruist not aplomb.
A jester brings joy to all,
More for her friends overall.

And of the dragon so fair,
With teeth, claws and mind sharp there,
one with daybreak thereupon,

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Show Schedule vs Writing Schedule · 4:17am Mar 6th, 2016

Regular reader, Fluttercheer writes:

[March 26th Sixth Season Premiere detailed in EqD]

Fluttercheer, we apparently read the same periodicals.

Question: Will I finish before the premiere?

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For Today · 6:16pm Nov 5th, 2017

Okay, I know I'm not British, but as I'm a history nut, I thought I'd share a fascinating piece of UK history with you all. But first, the famous rhyme.

Remember, remember!
The fifth of November,
The Gunpowder treason and plot;
I know of no reason
Why the Gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot!
Guy Fawkes and his companions

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Consumed · 8:33pm Jul 29th, 2015

Darkness encompassing the last friendly light;
Pressure and pain and that sharp cutting knife
Puncturing your skin with all its force in a fight
On any night, stopping your flight.

It burns and it boils
and for all of your toils
it gives neither hid nor hair
as you slowly suffocate from the lack of air.

Your bones ache,
your skin and muscles are shredded off
and for every quake
you drown and you cough.

It's warm, deathly so.
When everything seems to blow
and you fall.

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Probably a few days until the new chapter gets out · 8:50am Oct 27th, 2017

I always have this feeling in the back of my mind when I think I know a chapter's "done"

Not perfect. true, but that can never truly be. But with my half day of writing and today- i.e. the 26th. I have about 4500 words- not the 5k I wanted true, but let's just say my life is weird.

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Rhythm and Rhyme Postmortem; The Origin and the Point · 2:01am May 7th, 2020

“MyHobby!” you say. “Where did the story come from, and why were you teasing it for literally four years before you actually started writing it?”

Rhythm and Rhyme was originally a much different story. It always centered around Button Mash and Sweetie Belle, maybe more so than the final product, but it has its roots going back many a year. I recall it being the first near-future Ponyville story I ever devised, and yet, it came out as one of the last.

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Wednesday readings are victimless rhyme! · 11:55pm Oct 30th, 2019

I'm kinda annoyed that I didn't find the time for a proper Nightmare Nightish fare, but hopefully this Luna limerick will do in lieu.

Also, ten internet points to whoever uses this {either the story or the read version} as a bedtime story for their child.


To all members of my Unique Equestrian Army... · 10:44am Aug 3rd, 2015

Watch this training video, practice these techniques in your spare time, rinse, repeat. Got to keep yourselves ready and strong if we're gonna rule the world and this fandom together, guys.

Credit goes to Jiggystash on YouTube for making this video.


the unwritten start to an unfinished poem · 6:51am Sep 6th, 2019


Of Ponies, Dr Pepper and Five Nights at Freddys · 2:42pm Jul 24th, 2015

Okay! here I am again. See, I'm getting good at this regular thing ain't I? Well, I don't really have much to report to you lovely lot today. I basically had a wander around town (Moneyless cause I'm broke as hell) eyeing up certain games that I want but can't have until I get my money in a couple of weeks time. However, to pass the time I've been playing FNAF 4 (Five Nights at Freddy's 4) and I have to say that it's an amazing leap up from the other three games! The tension is unbelievable and

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Trailer For My Next Piece Of Headcanon · 10:24am Mar 19th, 2020

There was a gloomy donkey, who lived a gloomy life
He had three gloomy children beside his gloomy wife

He lived upon a gloomy yard and worked his gloomy trade
By digging lots of gloomy graves with just his gloomy spade

But then one gloomy evening within that gloomy yard
The donkey dug a grave so deep it dug up something hard

All clean and pale and beautiful with pretty, pearly teeth
A pair of mighty curling horns but what lay underneath?

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I Wrote A Rap! · 5:18am Oct 5th, 2015

It's not really pony-related so I put it in a blog, but still I appreciate you taking the time to check it out :3

Screw tradition

We’re on a mission

To plug the gaps

That plague the system

So no one falls through

So dreams come true

So you can trust

What the leaders tell you

No more lies

No more weasel words

Write laws in English

Not 12,000 words

Build a system

That we understand

That we can fight for

That we can comprehend

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Those Fickle Few · 7:19am Apr 6th, 2019

Fickle mistress, hear me thus,
whilst thou leave me to my ruckus?
Fickle mistress, who listens I hope,
whilst thou lend your wisdom to cope?
Fickle mistress, I am troubled with pain,
Whilst thou grant relief, that my suffering pertain?
Fickle mistress,
Whilst thou?

Happy Filthy Friday~.

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