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OC Pottery · 10:37pm Feb 16th, 2016

Pear had to stop, to think and wonder
As an alpha wolf tore his ass asunder
How he made such an awful blunder
Underneath the starry sky.

"What say you?" to the wolf, he said
As the beast made his anus spread
Alas, no reply, but growling instead,
Red was dripping down his thigh.

Some time later, the Pear was done.
The Big Bad Wolf had had his fun
No longer in any fit state to run
Stunned, his final hour was nigh.

-Ben "Pear" Pearce, 2016


Pony_TxT, Ok may be not the last · 2:52am Dec 24th, 2020


  • length: 1024
  • temperature: 0.9
  • include_prefix: False
  • nsamples: 12
  • batch_size: 6

======== SAMPLE 1 ========

“You already knew I was a hero?”

“Yes,” I replied, before turning away again. “And why would I not? You and your immediate family have one of the most amazing hearts and minds of any human in history. Quills? Pottery? All of it, I just happen to know because I’m an alicorn. How could you not know?”

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Site Post » Fifths' "Like a Pegasus in a Pottery Shop" [Royal Canterlot Library] · 10:28pm Dec 16th, 2016

Great writing takes wing as today's story flies through an episode-like misadventure.

Like a Pegasus in a Pottery Shop
[Slice of Life] • 16,548 words

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Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 results