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Bad Dragon

I write so that one day I may finally stop writing and be free, but these damn new ideas keep finding ways into my brain. I need to write more to vent them out!


Collection of self-contained short stories for readers who don't have the time or energy to commit.

With this fanfiction, you get maximum reading pleasure per minimum time investment.

Where else can you read an enticing story from start to finish in less than a minute?

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Wow, this is good! In exchange for a minute, you get decent inspiration! Great job!

11121656 Thanks!

All of these short stories could become long fics, even novels. But then they would force the reader to commit, and ain't nopony got time for that, right?

This is great! I can't wait for the next chapter!

11121781 You only have to wait 21 hours. I will publish a new chapter every single day.

Oh this is lovely!

11121839 You're lovely!

Let's play a comment section minigame. It's tailored for readers who get reminded of a song when they read one of the stories. All you have to do is post a relevant song in the comment section.

Here, I'll start.

The 02 - What Have You Done‽02 - What Have You Done‽ chapter reminds me of this song:

Within temptation - What have you done


Sweetie Belle shuffled a hoof on the ground. A tear drifted down her cheek as a skull appeared on her flank.

Poor Sweetie. You've killed ponies, and got your cutie mark for it. Wait! You're not a cutie mark crusader anymore! :rainbowlaugh:

11123112 Her plan worked, though. After pressing the lever, she got her cutie mark. A really cool one, at that.

Comment posted by KingSombraTheTyrantRuler deleted Jan 17th, 2022


Yeah. A pony has got their cutie mark in killing ponies? This is just wonderful. Now I shall ponynap them and force them to join the Crystal Army, and fight against Equestria because of their cutie mark.


11123136 When a pony with a skull for her cutie mark is ready to attack, I'd think twice before engaging.

Here, have Equestria, Sweetie Belle.

:unsuresweetie: I'm the Ponisher!
:facehoof: Yes a PUNISHER skull
:ajbemused: It was a Big Bad Ass Boom!
:applecry: With a side of det cord

:flutterrage: DISCORD!

I feel bad I laughed so hard at this.

11123247 She's more like the Punished. Every second of the rest of her life, she'll be reminded of what she has done.

11123251 Dark humor is like food. Not everypony gets it.

Nah. I think that getting it is easy. Appreciating it is not for everyone though. All I can say is that you do it right.

11123383 I'm not sure if I'm fortunate or cursed, but dark humor comes to me naturally.

I'm gonna say fortunate. It's not that easy to find, or to make.

Beats her cutie mark for cooking:pinkiehappy:

11123482 And here comes my dark humor remark again:

11123522 She's breaking new grounds in the kitchen. I bet you didn't know you could burn Jews, just like Rarity didn't.

Almost an year ago you introduced that small clip to me and I still giggle like an idiot at it. Damnit Rarity! :pinkiecrazy:

11123664 Damnit Sweetie Belle for killing miners and burning Jews!

11124213 Yes, this one fits perfectly with this chapter.

"I'm glad to be with you at this time, Twilight." He ran into the castle and into the kitchen. However, instead of popcorn, he grabbed the sharpest knife he could find. He wiped off a tear from his cheek and whispered, "One dragon's heart coming up."

Nooooooooooooooo! (Wait a sec, why am I screaming no? Yeah, why are you?

"Scootaloo, no!" Sweetie Belle yelled at the empty cliff edge in front of her.

No Scoots! Nooooo!

11125509 The short description of this whole anthology should be:

Well, that de-escalated quickly...

Get a Plus from me for your minute-long efforts.😉

11126690 It takes way longer to write it, unfortunately.

Smudge the dragon was found murdered last night the unknown killer still eludes the Royal Guard
:facehoof: Damn Spike that's one small heart where'd you get it from a gold fish?

In the back of my head, I hear Luna's fading voice, “I’m sorry, my little pony. There is no Equestria. There never was...”


I've just finished reading this, and great chapter!

:scootangel: My cutie mark! It's a Punisher Skull! Cool...
:unsuresweetie: Welcome to the party pal,,, You killed yourself...
:applecry: Should I be excited or scared?

Welcome to the matrix
:twilightsheepish: So I take this pill and know everything?
:moustache: No that's a Tic Tac and that's Raritys
:twilightblush: really?
:moustache: Yes
:unsuresweetie: She thinks it's birth control
:moustache: !!!!????!!!! :facehoof: That's all we need is Hybrid support ,,,,

11126788 Princess Twilight Sparkle, the Alicorn Princess of Friendship, Protector of Equestria. Doesn't it all sound a bit unbelievable? Well, maybe it sounds like that because it is unbelievable. It is... untrue.

Ponies live in a harsh, occupied reality. But Luna wanted to create a wonderful dream full of friends and personal growth. In that dream, Twilight becomes an Alicorn, can you imagine that?

But it's all just a dream. Twilight is still just a Unicorn in reality. There is no Equestria where there's been peace for a millennium. That's just not the reality. It's just a wonderful dream.

I'm glad you managed to read the chapter before you woke up from this dream. You know, there is no Earth, there never was.

11126794 That's great! You should consider writing an anthology of your own, you know?

11126789 Lol, those emoticons fit perfectly with your short story.

I've also started to notice a trend as well. Lots of skulls going around, it seems. I bet it's only a matter before Apple Bloom joins the party. Be scared, Apple Bloom. Be very scared.

11127365 It was a nice dream while it lasted, though.

“Oh!” Twilight put a hoof before her muzzle. “We don’t have that here. Is that going to be a problem?”

No oxygen?! How do they survive?! Maybe by breathing magic?

11127763 They're silicon-based lifeforms. Oxygen is for biological pussies.

:moustache: The papers in his pocket say he's M.A. Larson...Can I have it for lunch?
:duck: Actually I need it for a new poniquine for the Boutique
:ajbemused: Twi said I could have the next one
:pinkiegasp: Oh it has pretty eyes can I have them?
:yay: Harry Bear want's a new flavor please
:rainbowhuh: I need a new crash test dummy
:facehoof: I should of got a six pack

11127862 Holly Celestia, you're really good with these. Everypony will start to cum here to see your stories instead of mine. And then one day I'll tire of living in thy shadow, and I'll turn to goth, and you'll have to banish me to the moon for a millennium.

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