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This story is a sequel to Flurry Heart's Story: Villains Anonymous

Flurry Heart is taken to Sweet Apple Acres to see Applejack's twins, Apple Chip and Annie Smith. While Chip seems to be warming up to Flurry, Annie is having a tough time dealing with the fact that Granny Smith (whom she was named after and was really close to), passed away not too long ago. Flurry and her other friends must find a way to cheer Annie up and let her know things will be alright even without her beloved great-grandmother, they just have to figure out how to do it right.

Inspired by the official show, this is part of a fan-made sequel series I created called "Flurry Heart's Story", which documents the adventures of Flurry Heart as she makes friends and faces new and familiar villains, some of which may still be redeemable.

Next story: Dream of Alicornication

Flurry Heart's Story and its author are in no way associated with Hasbro or any of the creative team behind My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This series is entirely fan-made and is created in honor of the official show. No copyright infringement is intended or encouraged. Please support the official release.

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Flurry's group of new friends is growin'. Now we've got Jackie's kids. =)
Even if it was just for a little bit, it was nice to see Yona cameo in this as well. Always happy to see Best Yak.
Still sad to think that this takes place not long after Granny passed away. Annie must've been close with her, especially since she was named after her. Poor little darling.

Good intro on this new story Alex, also nice to have Yona make a small cameo as well (hope you do the same for the rest of the Young Six since Gallus had his own cameo on Stormy's story)

Looking forward to see where it goes! :twilightsmile:

Don't forget Silverstream was also in "Cheesy as Pie" too!


Yeah, it's definitely been rough for Annie. She and Chip were both close to her. It might seem like she's the only one hurt by her passing, but Chip will show it eventually too.

“Tirek’s got some other problems he needs working out, Storm,” Spike said to the energetic little pegasus.

Yeah about that Spike.... 😥

“Wish me luck! I’m gonna be with six kids this time!” Spike said, saluting.

Just like old times spike 😊

So it looks like flurry heart is finally going to meet with the Apple twins but she's not alone this time she has her friends here with her so they finally made it to the Sweet Apple Acres and Applejack and her husband tex greeted them and it looks like the Apple twins chip and Annie are pretty excited to meet flurry heart but it looks like something is bugging Annie and I think I know why and that's going to be a very tough situation especially the passing of Granny Smith 😔 well can't wait to see how this will work out

Great job with the new chapter! Annie and Granny, hm...? I sense a plot coming on...

was a bit short but glad you started hope to see some more Tex and Applejack

any thoughts on Tex's mother and if she will appear

I haven't thought up a design for her just yet. I'll be sure to later though since Tex's dad has already been shown since it's Burnt Oak, but he would look a bit older now.

ok but what about a name there are a few from the old G1 cartoon that you could use

I know what it is like to lose family members you love. I hope Annie’s friends will be able to help her through this tough time.

Wish Burn Oak in the show had a son name Tex to marry Applejack. This feels right what MLP should had been


It would have been cool to get Tex and all the other "Big Brother" ponies to be in G4 unless perhaps Hasbro lost the trademarks to their names.

Oh they don’t own all the names? I would think they would have own them

Hmm that's too bad that would have been a cool idea Plus what about those old villains from the previous My Little Pony

It's not that they don't own them, it's that they lost the trademark to them.

I don't know if their names have lost their trademark too, but they did use Smooze, Grogar, Tirek and Scorpan.

Really? I wonder how that happen

I think it happens when you stop using the trademarked name for the character. After a few years of not using it, it runs out and either goes into the public domain or someone else can claim it, but I wouldn't trust me with this information and talk to an expert instead.

Sorry i took a while getting around to reading this. I didn't even know the story had started until just now. Anyway, really good job on the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up here. Yeah, I can understand why Spike can be half-right and half-wrong about Tirek's whereabouts (right about his family issues, wrong about what happened to him [which is fair; none of them had a chance to see what really happened to him]). But, yeah, checking up on the Apple Twin's so soon after Granny Smith's death is definitely appropriately emotional.

Anyway, on to the next chapter.

Ooh! Nice reference to Ember and the scepter! Poor Annie though, she looks like she needs a super big hug

Excellent work on this chapter. Again, the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up are wonderfully done. Definitely got a couple of laughs from Stormy's mess with the Zap Apple tree and can certainly feel bad for the Apples concerning Granny's recent death. I also got a kick out of seeing the kids play that video game as well as Flurry admitting she isn't really much of a gamer (though I do get that she is taking a little too much after her aunt Twilight with her pointing out the historic inaccuracies in the playable villains [even if I also appreciated how it was pointing out that all of them at least had enough respect for Luna to not play as Nightmare Moon]).

Very certainly looking forward to more of this.

How many stories are going to be in this series? Or did I already ask this?

Wow, you really make me want this game to be real. A fighting game with characters from past gens, and some guest characters of this gen as well? That sounds awesome!

Poor Annie, though...

This brings back so many memories of playing Smash Bros. Fun how Grogar and Ember were included in the game. If Ember was the type to play games I wonder how she would feel about herself being included?

Another great chapter

I was bursting with ideas as I went! I'm actually drawing concepts for their designs right now, though it's not so hard for the villains since I'm just making them look like he G1 versions.

“It’s okay, Spike,” Flurry replied. “I’m not much of a gamer, but I wouldn’t mind watching them.”

Here it is… by the time she comes home she will become a Pro Gamer playing Hoofnite doing 180’s edits and pump shots while streaming on Ponyich.

If I ever do a Fortnite reference in my stories, I deserve to lose all my followers. XD

The three of them turned to see Spike, Pound and Pumpkin at the base of a tree, looking up at some rustling leaves. The sound of electricity could be heard and the tree lit up from the inside. Stormy flew out of the tree, blackened from the electricity and his hair standing on end.

Lesson learned kid the Cutie Mark Crusaders learned that the hard way when they were kids back then

“Chip, Annie, can we go inside and play the Joy Box?” he said, landing in front of them.

Joy box very clever just like button Mash's Joy boy

She then noticed a nearby clearing with a few gravestones. One of the gravestones had some fresh dirt in front of it and was surrounded by bouquets of colorful flowers. Annie stayed behind and glanced at them. Her ears went down and she hung her head. She turned around and continued walking with the others, trying to get herself to smile again. Flurry couldn’t see the writing on the stone, but she then remembered that Cadance had told her that Applejack’s grandmother passed away a few weeks ago. Annie must have been having a hard time getting over her death, which could’ve explained why she seemed so shy at first when meeting her. Flurry wanted to ask about it, but she figured now wasn’t the time to discuss her great grandmother’s death.

Oh man that is tough I mean I lost my grandmother a few years ago as well

“I call Lavan!” Stormy shouted making his selection on screen.

“Stormy, you always choose Lavan,” Pound teased.

“He’s my best character!”

Wow just like every Super Smash Brothers I always pick Yoshi and Kirby those two are my best and my favorite characters of all time

It's awesome to see these kids hanging out with each other and flurry heart is getting along with the other kids although she notice the grey Stone where Granny Smith is buried kind of sad to see her go but like what we saw at the last problem she's no longer there in the future but anyway it looks like the kids are playing a My Little Pony version of Super Smash Brothers which I will love to play something like that and I do like how you reference of the villains of the My Little Pony generation 1 and it looks pretty fun but it looks like flurry mentioned about Granny Smith and Annie starting to get all emotional while everybody was playing she left and I have a bad feeling that she's really upset about this whole situation right now I wonder what's going to happen next guess we'll find out next time

Speaking of which the comic series is coming to an end and they are going to do a crossover with Generation 4 with Generation 1 My Little Pony which I'm very excited to see this

some nice moments hope she ok.
Will there be some Tex and Applejack next chapter

Yeah, I was thinking of that scene when I wrote that. XD I also thought an electricity-based gag with Stormy was appropriate considering the nature of his name and his cutie mark.

I don't know if I can fit a lot of them into the next chapter, but they'll definitely have a big role to play in the chapter after that.


Nah man, you’ll be fine… it’s only a reference :rainbowderp:

Aww, I'm sorry to hear about your great grandmother, and poor Annie

Though I'm sort of expecting this baking cheer up idea to go horribly wrong...

So sorry to hear about your granny Alex, it made this chapter harder to read due to the emotions involved! :fluttercry:

The idea to cheer Annie sounds good, here's hoping they can pull it off without too much trouble! :yay:

Sorry about your grandmother. I lost one of my grandmothers too, not very long before the whole pandemic started, which although is saddening is also a bit of a blessing in disguise since she didn’t need to suffer through any of it. I still have one more grandmother though, and although she is very healthy for her age she is still old, and it shows at times. The point being though I understand the pain of losing a grandparent.

Whoa, mama. Definitely an appropriately emotional chapter. Really appreciate the work that went into the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up (as well as the respectful nod to your own grandmother) . And, yeah, I can really understand the frustration in the flashback concerning the last time the family saw Granny Smith alive. As tearful as it is to have to see a loved one decline so much both physically and mentally, the family and the medical staff still did all that they could. Also really appreciated the efforts to comfort Annie as well as the discovery of the unlockable character in that game (and especially the notes on how those that made the game took so many liberties and didn't even get Celestia and Luna's permission to their use). At any rate, here's hoping the efforts to cheer Annie up actually eventually work.

VERY definitely will be looking forward to more of this.

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