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This story is a sequel to Flurry Heart's Story: The Perfect Storm Streak

Everyone in Ponyville is preparing for the event of the summer: Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich's wedding! Unfortunately, Flurry starts to notice something just isn't right: Pinkie seems to be a little stressed out and not exactly herself. Perhaps Flurry is just a little apprehensive about the fact that her own parents had to deal with a changeling invasion in their wedding years ago. Twilight has the Changeling Necklace which helps her to see through changeling disguises, so everything should be fine, right? Also, why is Maud acting so weird?

Inspired by the official show, this is part of a fan-made sequel series I created called "Flurry Heart's Story", which documents the adventures of Flurry Heart as she makes friends and faces new and familiar villains, some of which may still be redeemable.

Next story: The Ghost of Grogar (coming soon!)

Flurry Heart's Story and its author are in no way associated with Hasbro or any of the creative team behind My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This series is entirely fan-made and is created in honor of the official show. No copyright infringement is intended or encouraged. Please support the official release.

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“Hey there! Wait, you look familiar…” Pinkie replied as she studied the stranger.

The only question is the pony chrysalis looks like the same age as the first time we met her back in season 8 suspicious much

I'm already feeling tense about this...The happiest day of Pinkie and Cheese's lives, being cruelly used by Chrysalis and Scutellum as a means of gaining revenge. Guess infiltrating one big wedding wasn't enough for Her Repulsiveness, huh? Happy as I am to see so many other happy ponies and creatures at this event, it makes me wonder how our friends are going to overcome this, if there are already Changeling doppelgangers among them. I'll be looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

Before Pinkie could reach for another pan, she felt something clang against the back of her head. Her entire body vibrated and her vision went blurry. She fell to the ground, as stars spun around her head and her irises swirled.

She finally lost consciousness and her eyes closed. The photographer had hit her from behind with the pan and knocked her out. She had both her eyes closed and opened one carefully to see Pinkie wasn’t moving. She then put the pan aside and smiled wickedly.

Frying pan such a dangerous weapon these days now

And it starts heavy right off the bat with Pinkie & most of the main cast already taken, Chryssy might be making another miscalculation with ignoring Buttercream from the taken list, this is gonna bite her on her buggy behind! :ajsmug:

Twilight then pointed to Spike and Buttercream as Smolder came over to talk to them.

“SMOLDY! Great to see ya!” Buttercream said as she squeezed Smolder.

“UGH! BUTTER, I CAN’T BREATHE!” Smolder winced.

“Hehe! Butter, take it easy there!” Spike giggled.

LOL great use of that commissioned pic I got from you into the story there Alex! :moustache: (still love it btw 🥰)

Great setup for the next chapter Alex, looking forward to more! :twilightsmile:

Some ponies don’t age too drastically. It’s been about 9 years since then.

“I know! I’m so excited I could just burst! Is the dress ready?”

Well at least she knows how to be in character because the first time we met her she was really out of character when she pretended to be Cadence and Twilight got suspicious but now she's smart this time she has to be in character or else people will get suspicious

Yeah, Chrysalis really means business this time and she came far better prepared!

Chrysalis is underestimating Buttercream and that won’t be too good for her, but just you wait how our heroes deal with this.

And yeah, I definitely had to incorporate that picture into this story! I missed it in OMWAT so now was the chance!

Yup. She’s being a lot smarter this time.

“It’s going to be the biggest, most important, life-changing party I’ve ever thrown!”

That's a huge understatement coming from a imposter

“We all make sure we have time in schedules to come. Yak had to let all of Yakyakistan know and Prince Rutherford come too!” Yona told her.

I mean it's awesome that Rutherford will come to the wedding since they became really good friends

“We’ll be fine, Butter,” Spike told his sister. “Twilight has a new necklace that allows her to see through a changeling disguise. If anyone here is trying to infiltrate the wedding, she’ll know right away.”

Yeah about that Spike.... 😥

Oh boy what a way to start out the story here and it's really making me nervous here so Pinkie Pie was on his way to meet up with the others until a pony name Crackle Cosette which we met a few years ago and asking her to take some pictures but instead she knocked her out and it turns out it was chrysalis and she took the disguise as Pinkie Pie after that they all met up to the area flurry heart was pretty excited for a Pinkie Pie and cheese sandwich and it looks like everybody is here including Twilight if you know what I mean but it looks like not just only Pinkie Pie and Twilight they also got Applejack Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash and the pillars so apparently they trying to replace them to make their attack and this time they're in character without being cold for other after the last time that happened which that's clever but also worried some because now it makes it more difficult but anyway this is going to be a wild wedding I guess we'll find out how this will work out next time

Yikes, Chrysalis is more dangerous than ever. Not only has she replaced Pinkie herself already, lots of other characters have been replaced as well, including Twilight, Rainbow, Applejack, Fluttershy, and all the Pillars. They're under attack and don't even realize it yet. I wonder how they are going to figure this out, since Chrysalis has apparently brushed up on her acting?

On the plus side, it is nice to finally see Rarity, even if she is now in danger.

How does Chrysalis have a following? Didn't all the Changelings reform?

In the first episode, "Elements Assemble", we find out that there are some black changelings left over that were being lead by General Scutellum in her absence.

Oh. I’ll need to read through that.

Yeah not only that I'm surprised she gave a lot of information to her Army so they can be in character so they won't be any suspicious

So hype for this story! Btw… I noticed the story recommends are all CheesexMaud then CheesexPinkie :rainbowlaugh: which is so random

you'll find out how that happened so well.

That is weird. It's probably cuz Maud is one of the characters in this and her name is in the 5 characters you can pick for tags in a story.

Are you able to change what is in those sections for “Also Like” and “similar”

This is going to be a mid-season final to remember!

The changelings came crazy prepared this time around for sure!

She may be in danger, but we’ll still see her get some time in this story!

Hey, I hate to be a bother, but judging by the fact that your comments are getting some downvotes, I think it's time you start putting spoiler bars over all your comments if all you're going to do is make direct quotes. I think it's ruining some people's reading experience with this story, so I'm going to have to ask you to be more careful.

Oh I felt like I've been getting that kind of reputation lately I even talked about on my blog how I did my comments but I'll try to be more careful sometimes I just don't realize it because I just get in the moment

Yeah, I would start blocking all of them out.

The changelings kidnapped most of the mane 6? Looks like the changelings really learned their lesson this time. I hope the Rainbow Dash at the end of "The Perfect Storm Streak" wasn't the fake one.

Don’t worry, none of the characters in the last story were changelings. That’s why it ended with Scutellum first taking Twilight’s place.

Okay, that's a relief.

Flurry noticed Applejack and Rainbow Dash whispering to each other. Rainbow Dash then turned to whisper to Rarity who then turned to whisper to Fluttershy. Flurry didn’t think much of it until she looked in the crowd and saw the teachers and Pillars whispering as well. Some of them had somewhat devious smirks on their faces. Even her parents, Spike, Celestia and Luna seemed to be joining in on the rather clandestine behavior. Flurry didn’t seem that bothered by any of this, though it did make her rather curious as to what they were all up to. Pumpkin seemed to pick up on it as well.

That should have been a red flag


It's always an awesome feeling to win a new character especially in a fighting game

What should be a magical and happy occasion, marred by little red flags popping up here and there that should say something's not right. Flurry's right to be suspicious, but she's already thinking she's just overthinking. Trust your instincts, kid...
And now the teachers have been captured and replaced, too...Of course Chrysalis would have something special planned to get revenge on Starlight. Doesn't surprise me. The name 'Elytra' sounded familiar, so I went to look it up in relation to your works, and whaddya know? Looking forward to seeing the part she'll play.

Also, I've no doubt we're someday gonna meet this Princess Billow. A fat axe-wielding future queen of the Southern Drakes? She sounds like she'd make for a valuable ally in battle. =)

“That’s correct. We learned from Thorax that the changelings purposefully sent a threatening letter to attack the wedding a few days in advance after Chrysalis had entered Canterlot. We didn’t know it was from changelings, but it was enough to make Shining Armor up the security and use his shield spell.”

That's actually makes sense since thorax was part of the attack during the Canterlot Wedding it makes sense thorax warned Shining Armor about the attack and why shining armor was so prepare for the shield despite they don't know what a changelings are before they reveal themselves very clever connecting season 6 and 2 together at least those particular episodes

Cheerilee waved to everyone and continued as they all walked on to the edge of town. They stopped at the house that the teachers, Gallus, Silvertream, Yona, Sandbar, Ocellus and Smolder lived in.


Oh dear this is so not good so it looks like everybody was preparing for the wedding and some of the leaders from different countries showed up as well and flurry heart was pretty excited to see everybody here and she's been noticing they're kind of acting a little weird but then again it's a wedding people gets worried so she didn't ask about that but she did ask them about what happened during the Canterlot Wedding and they told her that the story about it which I'm surprised they remember it at least some of them and what makes things worse apparently the pillars were also got taken and the main six and of course the young six excuse me for a moment

sorry about that anyway it looks like Queen Chrysalis plan is going smoothly but the other changeling is worried about Elytra because she's not as Keenan on this whole situation but chrysalis is not worried about that and she thinks this will all work out well I hope flurry heart figure out what's going on guess we'll find out next time

Well dang, pretty much everyone's been replaced! (including Teacher 6 :twilightoops:) Course even these replacements are giving off warning bells that Flurry's picking up, hope she listens to her instintcs in the next chapter! :ajsmug:

“She’ll be fine. That little one has a lot to learn. I’ve been wondering lately if he may have thought of defecting, but her disguise should keep her quiet. Once I have all my power and Equestria is all ours, Elytra will understand why we do what we do. She will not disappoint me.”

Oh ho ho glad to know the mysterious changeling's name on the cover, me thinks she'll be crucial in taking this sham wedding down! :raritywink:

Yup, that's Elytra! I'm so glad to finally be using her in this story!

And I can't wait to introduce Billow soon too!

That doesn't look like Chrysalis sure she has the same look and body. Though that queen is glowing orange with orange eyes. Remember Vesalipolis hive Changelings have a green glow to them these ones are yellow and orange. Either Chrysalis is returning which I highly doubt or something else is coming. Something we never forsaw. Either way great story.

Man, the Changelings are covering all their bases this time. Even when Flurry is suspicious they are good enough actors now to convince her everything is fine, even insulting Chrysalis to maintain their cover. Even the Teacher 6, Spike, and Rarity have been captured as well now. Not sure how they will get out of this one.

I never said Thorax was the one who warned Shining Armor about the attack.

Well the yellow one down next to Maud is Elytra, but most of the others have the normal bluish colors. I say most because Scutellum is different and a few others may be as well.

They came very well prepared this time.

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No Flurry, be suspicious!! Doubt!!

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