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I'm a writer of fluff, kibitzer, and especially interested in canon AU: Equestria Girls, the comics, etc. They are fun to play with.

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Some nice art. See below each image for source link.

Do I have to read all that CheesePie in order? Will I get sick if I do?

Ee-nope! It's all fluffy nougat. Start where you want. But if you do want to read them in sequence, including the bromance side stories, the order is:
Swear on Camembert
It Bombed in Seaddle
Mr. Lonelyheart Meets Miss Lovestruck
Slice of Life
Equestria Games: The Cheese Course
Goodbye, Boneless
Flash and Trend Steal All Your Waffles
Good Morning, Beautiful
Say Goodnight, Pinkie
Command Performance
Party of Two is somewhere in there before Mr. Lonelyheart, but it doesn't much matter where.

Great Expectations and Triple Threat are blatant excuses for disgusting sentimentality with triplet foals, and it belongs nowhere in a decent society. They're out of continuity. SO FAR. Consider them possible glimpses into the future, or possibly not.

Triple Slam is another possible future branching out from Great Expectations. It's not exactly cheerful.

Cheese Sandwich Reviews Stuff pops in and out of continuity with various stories. It's not really essential to any of them, but I sometimes refer to things that happen in it.

Equestria Girls: The Looking Glass World of Cheese and Pie is a Cheese and Pinkie fic set in the EG universe. The Good Kind of Magic is a side story--the actions happen during Chapter Three.

But--start anywhere and enjoy the sweet goo that is CheesePie.


Follow-up on that stalker thing · 6:30am Aug 23rd, 2019

He seems to have gone quiet for now. I'm assuming the admins managed to smack down all of those alts. I haven't seen any new material on Tumblr or DeviantArt, either.

Speaking of DeviantArt, here's the reply I got from them:

Thanks for getting in touch!

A member of the DeviantArt staff has reviewed this situation, and we have taken appropriate steps to resolve the problem.

In the future we could use a little more information so that we can properly review this.

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Hi I keep seeing the word Joy being capitalized when I read your stories about Pinkie and Cheese and once saw something about someplace called Paradise and all this stuff about Party Pony magic? I was just wondering if you could explain to me or even just direct me to somewhere that explains in entirety what these things mean? I'm at a loss at trying to find info on it and I think my own writing would be effected positively since I keep finding myself writing "Joy levels" whenever the Pies do something unexplainable when I don't even know anything about what I'm trying to refer to lol, I've been thinking about it for awhile now and would appreciate some clarity ^^'

To follow up, this was the Harry Potter story by Georg I was waiting for.

ESweetie Belle - Hogwarts Exchange Student
Sweetie Belle is about to go on the educational experience of her lifetime at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. In exchange, Theodore Nott is going to have a Seventh Year beyond any of his expectations. In Equestria.
Georg · 83k words  ·  336  7 · 3.9k views

--Sweetie Belle

I am glad they got one more Cheese Sandwich episode in before the end.

Did I ever mention this story to you?

EHarry Potter and the Little Pony Problem
Harry Potter never wanted a pony, let alone dozens of them. Sometimes, life gives us what we need instead of what we want.
Georg · 26k words  ·  466  15 · 5.9k views

It's not the Harry Potter story by Georg I was waiting for, but it was a fun Harry Potter story by Georg.

--Sweetie Belle

Aw, thanks! Today’s episode was one I’ve waited for for a long time, so it’s not all bad :pinkiehappy:

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