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Harry Potter was no stranger to problems, although his always seemed to be far larger than other young wizards his age. After all, Voldemort had tried to kill him as a baby, and twice during his first two years at Hogwarts. Hopefully, his third year in school would be easier, although he first needed to survive his summer with his aunt and uncle.

Between a hectic schedule of daytime chores and nights spent trying frantically to keep up on an ever-increasing pile of holiday work, he was working himself into a frazzle, and that was before finding out that his Aunt Marge was coming to visit. To top it off, an accident has just left him with a tiny purple problem he had never expected: a toy-sized unicorn named Twilight Sparkle.

His problems have just begun. And they will continue to multiply.

Editors: Tek
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First comment reserved for the author. Welcome to the Wizarding World of Twilight Sparkle, fun-sized. I'm publishing now under Georg's April Foolishness, because otherwise it might not see the light of day for months, and since S9 is coming, I thought I better show it off.

Although there are quite a few stories about tiny ponies on the site, I have to give credit to J.K. Rowling for the whole Harry Potter series first. Next is CommanderX5 and his letting me edit parts of Celestia's Tiny Student, which really started me thinking about the concept. And Dogger807 Magic School Days and tkepner's If Wishes Were Ponies, of course, which I'm following.

However, the core credit for this belongs to JediMasterEd, OldenBrony, and Bob Newhart

If the picture and description don't clue you in on what the story is about, here is some background music...

Ah, I remember this story. I really enjoyed it the first time it came out. Can't wait to see how it concludes.

Thank you for a good start!

I wonder how the Ministry is going to take this accidental casting without a “wand” is going to go?

I do love the implication that graphite is a magical material. Clearly the wands of the future will use nanotubes.

In any case, wonderful to see this begin in earnest. Eagerly looking forward to seeing what comes of it.

9548728 Remember, the Ministry had no idea that Dobby was using magic in Harry's house just last year. They track the casting of magic by underaged wizards, after all, and this summoning spell just happened by itself. Or did it?
9548697 Yeah, I teased the heck out of this, mostly as encouragement for me to keep going.

Then came the evening after he had completed a two page essay on Dragon Bloodslugs, a particularly nasty parasite that liked to burrow under scales and could cause dragon colonies to suddenly collapse if not controlled The next morning, his Aunt Petunia came across the roll of parchment while jabbing Harry awake with one long sharp finger.

Missing a period after “controlled.”

9548757 Corrected.
"So, do you like it? 27.5cm carbon fibre with iridium cladding and a synthetic sapphire core. It clocks out at 4.5 EPS⁽*⁾ with optional overclocking in emergencies, and has WiFi connectivity, although it's only 4G right now. When 5G comes out, I'll have to upgrade."
(*) Enchantments per Second, as measured by the Association for Wand Standardization and Safety.

Hum, could be interesting to read more. I take it Twilight is still a filly and hasn't yet become Celestia personal student yet in this story, I am sure she will devour all the wizard material that Hogwards has to offer and then some even skip to three years of wizard study in the process.

By the way, I have done quite a few number of cover art here in fimfiction if you are ever interested in looking me up some time if you are looking to commission one for yourself. Good luck on your writing.



Well if Harry has any brains he could contact the Ministry and inform them while doing his schoolwork a magical mishap occurred and he needs their help. The Ministry can mind wipe the Dursley’s every 3 minutes for added measure. Then again we all know Harry isn’t that smart. :trollestia:


And that the Ministry will blame him for it anyway.

9548749 The most powerful magical material, however, is Chuck Norris.

One little, two little, three little unicorns!

Four little, five little, six little unicorns!

Seven little, eight, little, nine little unicorns!

Now it's time to drink their BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!! :pinkiecrazy:

Of COURSE you'd summon twiggles by sacrificing homework.

For starters, since Uncle Vernon’s sister Aunt Marge had made plans to visit the Dursley residence for several days, the spare bedroom needed to be brought up to her exacting standards. That meant all of the things in it that might disturb, disorient, or otherwise bother the bothersome old woman needed to be moved somewhere out of the way. And that meant into Harry’s new room, which was crowded enough already with Dudley’s discarded rubbish.

I'm suddenly wondering if Vernon is angling for an inheritance. Which seems unlikely as she is his sister. I think I'm going to create a headcanon where she is his elder sister and made his life a living hell growing up and he's only too pleased to provide her with a target that is not him.

Well, it's a good thing Professor Quirell is dead, then…

It's always funny when the Little part of MLP is emphasized.

Just gonna go ahead and add this to my 'read later' shelf. It's starting to get rather long. I think I got 15 stories in there or something.

AMATEUR! My read later pile is 150 stories and growing! The reading will last FOREVER!!

9549306 (looks at my read later list)
(quietly slips away)
I'm good until about 2050.

Well... yep, you got me beat. Of course, I'm following 60 something stories, and have 70 something stories favourited. You?

Because I have the attention span of a caffeinated weasel, my breakdown is:

Active: 60
Haven't updated in over a year: 97
Completed: 450
I keep re-reading: 38

Active: 139
Haven't updated in over a year: 142
(I don't track completed unless they're favourites.)

Please understand. It's not my intention that I'm better than you; what I'm saying is help. Please help.

Eh, nothing wrong with a little competition. Of course, I shall lose gracefully. :trollestia:
Someone at my work once said; "it's not a competition, but if it were, I'd be winning." Lol. :rainbowlaugh::moustache:

I try to find longer stories if I can, but if the author is good enough (such as georg and irrespective), I'll read one-shots and shorter stories. Also comedy. Probably why I tend to have less stories in my 'RL' list than some. I also remove stories from my following list if they haven't been updated in more than a year (unless I really, REALLY like the story and still hold some sliver of hope for it).


I also remove stories from my following list if they haven't been updated in more than a year

Whereas I just re-filed them. :twilightsheepish:

Well, see, there ya go! Hahaha, so does this mean I win, or am I just a sore loser? And after all that talk of losing gracefully. Sigh. :derpyderp2:

And I start reading yet another Harry Potter/MLP fic. At least I caught this one on the first chapter.

Chuck Norris's wand is a fist.

A twelve-inch foot with a fist core?

9549351 Yes, but there are some competitions I would prefer not to engage in. (Then again, it is the future...)

Hey, we can't all be winners. :rainbowlaugh: lol, I'm kidding.

hehehe. anyone else notice that while all the other various beings seem to be looking at the reader/Harry, a certain little (read: big) stallion is staring at a certain mare's plot in the cover art?

So now the question is, do the Dursleys let him keep her inside because she's already tiny and shouldn't cause much trouble (pfffft), or do they make him either get rid of her or make her sleep outside (or something to that degree) because she's just more magic rubbish that they need to deal with?

so, the future wand justy has 4G as cellphone wifi? disapppppointeen

non non... Chuck E. Noris' wand ain't a fist... Chuck E. Norris' fist is a wand (with every measurement being Chuck E. Noris)

mmmm... the theorem holds some meritum... will has to do research....

welp, I just have 85 chapters in 2 stories, and since one is a Yang-centric RWBY Crossover I must say I'm at the doors of eternal Dalmation, considering I'll fall into Pun hell

A Harry Potter X FIM Crossover written by Georg????

You have my attention!


written by Georg????

You have my attention!

Corrected it for you. :twilightblush:

Nothing bad could ever come of this, right?

Thank you for the chapter!

I particularly like how Harry isn't sure how Twilight got back to his room, after Spike mentioned:

“She teleported all your books up here and cleaned your room while you were sleeping, so she’s exhausted.

Some people don't take the strange very easily... and small details like that can be easy to miss.
Unless you're a programmer, like me, where small details really matter.
But Harry's not a programmer, so he probably just missed it.

Misleading chapter title Spike isnt a pony

Now what in blazes is this? A strange idea to be sure, but a promising one.

Ah, it continues! Twilight haz book, so she's happy, and nothing phases Spike anymore, so he's good. Shall we go for the hat trick then?

Twiglit Spackle and Spiek teh Dragpn

Excellent start. Definitely worthy of tracking. Keep up the good work.

Cant's wait to see when it'S Derpy's turn to see Harry.

Chapter title is "Then There Were Two." Doesn't specify that number two is also a pony. :trollestia:

So I wonder what pony will show up next? My bet is either Pinkie or Rainbow Dash.

And more important for reasons that would become obvious later, a writing implement.

It's Twiggles, of course that's important :rainbowwild:

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