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If someone tells you something is true, question it. If it is true then questions can not hurt it.


This story is a sequel to Magic School Days

The Crusaders are returning for their second semester at Hogwarts. You can look forward to a nice quiet and relatively uneventful experience. Well as uneventful as magic allows, anyway.

Their presence has not already caused a wave of chaos that shook the magical world to it's core. You can't prove anything, so it never happen.

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Great to see you continuing this awesome story. :twilightsmile:
Got Dumbledore replaced by a changling???:trixieshiftright:

In a surprising display of parkour, Grace, the smallest girl in the class leapt onto her desk, sprang to the counter, jumped to the side of a cabinet and pushed off. She screamed, "Mine!" as she performed an impressive midair tackle.

Took me quite a while to recover from my laughing fit after this.:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:


<stops everything and reads>

I am ready for the next hill in this glorious roller coaster of chaos. And we've got some interesting developments right off the bat.

Oh wow the sequel to Magic School Days is out, to bad I have to go to work I'll read it when I ... wait what am I doing? Why am I reading it! I'll be late!!

Worth it :heart:

So. Spike: Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw?

I would expect Huffelpuff, but also wouldn't be surprised if he somehow ends up in one of the others.

this is a amazing start to part two of this story line.
“Come along Dudley,”
that is going to be a bother for some.


Oh wow all these early set ups.

I had also almost completely forgotten Dash adopted Scootaloo. I was sitting there wondering for a moment why Scoots was talking with Spike and Malfroy.

5 bits on Spike being Ravenclaw. After being the list makers assistant for so long and being so absorbed in the D&D books which are 70% stats and math raven claw has got to be the fit.

You know, I briefly wondered about Scootaloo's presence myself, but discarded the question without answering it. Or asking it, really. I wonder if she has her own room at Black Manor?

And Ravenclaw was my first instinct for Spike, too. I threw in Hufflepuff as a backup. :)

“We just have to ask Discord,” Scootaloo said around a mouthful. “He can send an owl back in time.”

Given Discord, one could take that a few different ways.

Discord pulled back his nonexistent sleeve to check the oversized watch that appeared on his wrist. “Am I early?”

See what I mean?

“Yes, that is a peculiar phrasing,” Filius stated. “Where does it originate?”

They're in Scotland. Do you really expect me to believe they don't know what golf is? :duck:

In any case, more chaos is set to ensue. Looking forward to further madness.

And we're back with part 2.
Let's hope for the best on this train ride.

I've been hoping to see this for a while.

Fortunately, I just finished rereading Magic School Days.


I can see Hufflepuff, but my bits are still on Ravenclaw

I'm looking forward to the new stowaway students, who appear to be Lilly Longsocks, Rumble, Button Mash, and Dinky.

given all the time he spent with Twi? Ravenclaw, no question...he might not act like it, but he IS an intelligent little Drake

Dumbles has definitely been replaced, look how evasive he is being... then again Dumbledore was always pretty secretive... still it be cool if that was a changeling.

Glorious beginning. I love all the potential chaos here. Which house will Spike end up in? I am going to put some money on the long odds and say Slytherin. He is smart and ambitious in his own way.

Only one way to find out how far the Pink Queen went when she arranged his "vaccation". :twilightsheepish:

Hopefully this question will be answered soon.

Considering how the narration goes, I'm willing to be that Dumbledore was 'convinced' by Cadence rather than being a Changeling himself.

Well. I hope Albus is enjoying his pod.

Everyone is focusing on The Dumbledore mystery.
But I got to say my favorite part is the new pony students.

Button Mash and Spike are in my top 5 favorite ponies. Glad they are going to have a bigger role in this story.


They're in Scotland. Do you really expect me to believe they don't know what golf is?

One word "eckeltricity"

There's a joke there, about the backwardness of the highlands of Scotland.

Knuts, mouth...dying here. :rainbowlaugh: (also the worlds are in for a whole lot of chaos, well more so than there has been)

I must say it's clear 1 of 2 things has happened with Dumbledore.

1: Like Silent Wing suggested, Changeling replacement,

2: He's been forced to Objectively Confront everything he's done, Every Victory, Every Defeat, Every Screw up, Every Single failure, and Why each and every one happened.

I would have to point out that Arthur's ignorance (especially considering he is a pureblood) is in no way indicative of what is common knowledge among wizards especially with how many muggle-borns and half-bloods there are.

I'll give this a shot. I hope you find a way to deal with the fucked up laws in Equestria about single stallions. Still rubs me the wrong way how they almost have no agency of their own when it comes to how they want to live with a wife or husband.

“Are you gonna eat that?” Lyra looked expectantly at the cake that was still on Bon Bon’s plate.

Suprising what phrases can trigger nostalgia... Anthropology opened with the same words (or similar enough), and that was the first piece of horse-words I ever read, predating even my first MLP episode!

10429832 A changeling wouldn't be familiar with Hogwarts' spells as described from Dumbledore's POV here. So no, this is the same Albus.

On probation.

Double secret pony probation.

Ten bits on Hufflepuff for Spike.

Yeah, he's a smart drake, but the series showcases his hard work, loyalty, and friendliness more than his intelligence. One of the hous'es defining traits is inclusiveness, and Spike has always been friendly and welcoming of others.He befriended and stood up for Thorax despite the changeling's reputation and history, welcomed Discord and into his O&O group, and even supported Starlight during her reunion with Sunburst.

He pretty much showcases all of the traits that Hufflepuff values

I am so behind on the first story, I can't believe you actually completed it lol. :fluttercry:

10429575 Golf is a muggle sport considering how they ignored muggles and everything to do with muggles.. What did they think muggles were doing

Chess is a muggle game. Wizard's chess is just pieces that move on their own.
Photography is a muggle process. Wizard photos are just pictures that move on their own.
Locomotives are a muggle invention. The Hogwarts Express is just...

Well, you see my point. Wizards don't have an excuse for a game that assumed its modern form in the fifteenth century.

I see Rosie's just discovered the drawback of being a cute pony amongst young chidlren.

Was it your story where the gender changing candies were invented from Sweetie's potion mixups because if so Harry may soon find he has a younger brother/sister.

If it's that easy to make a non magical human magical, I feel it would take less than a year before the term "wizard" becomes obsolete.

I don't know where to bet my bits but I think I bet my 10 bits the Hat will be really surprised by the fact he is a dragon and maybe the same thing what happened with Diamond Tiara will happens with Spike.

Insta fav and track, get buckled up, this one Is going to be good!!!

The bedlam...impressive midair tackle.

It is so incredibly rare and so incredibly satisfying to read stories with scenes set during or after magic gets revealed.


There's a word I should look up the etymology of. I think this is the first time I've seen it used outside the anime/manga world and it seemed to reach peak saturation back in fanfiction of things like Ranma ½ in the 2000s.

If Wishes were Ponies was the one with the gender-changing candies.

I will only say this... Thankyou for continuing this story.

It seems Dumbledore managed to talk his way out of that changeling difficulty. Quite impressive really, and if those wards are anything to go by he's not in an altered state of mind either.

The changelings could have spent months stealing knowledge from his head. The fact it took so long might be because of his mental shields.

I'm glad I'm not the only one for whom the various Harry Potter crossovers kind of... blend together for.

It's not really a shock Wizards tend to copy muggle inventions, "nessecity is the mother of invention" so if you don't need it but don't invent it. Then the their is the trope "Muggles do it better" were a technological solution just proves to be more practical or produces better results.

10430057 In the early 2000s people were actually doing it at conventions. I had a shirt that sold quite well about it. Thankfully, it's died off now. As for its source, it's an onomatopoeia- came from a sound effect in a comic or translated manga.

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