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Celestia has given Sweetie Belle a rare opportunity to become an exchange student where she can bring friendship to a whole new world’s students of magic. Elsewhere, Theodore Nott has been given a similar opportunity: turn down his Seventh Year at Hogwarts in order to learn powerful magic from the cursebreakers of the Equestrian Crystal Empire.

Neither of them has the slightest idea what they are about to experience over the next year.

Editors: Tek, Peter, Charles H
Cover art from Florida's Harry Potter World at night.

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Welcome to my second Harry Potter crossover after Harry Potter and the Little Pony Problem (no relation).

In this story, we follow Sweetie Belle as she explores the magical world of humans, while at the same time following Theodore Nott on his adventures in the Equestrian Crystal Empire. Dark times await these two students as they face dangers beyond mortal experience. Will Sweetie Belle be able to find new friends in the cutthroat world of the wizarding world, and can Theodore Nott survive a darkness that surpasses He Who Shall Not Be Named?

(Well, I admit it wouldn't be a very interesting story if they did not. Just don't expect them to have an easy time of it.)

I'm not sure what I like more, magic having millions of adorable little practitioner-pets, or the headmaster of Hogwarts communing and communicating with the building.

This is why when heroes arise to battle the forces of darkness and cast them down into destruction, they should be very careful afterward instead of celebrating their victory.

"Foremost in the necromancer's treasure room is a dread tome that—"
"I read the book!"
"Twilight, no!"

Professor Sprout rolled her eyes. “They’d be dressing in breach-clothes and running half naked around the forest.”

To be fair, some Hogwarts Herbology classes ended like that, though very few of them during Sprout's tenure.

I also like the idea of every phoenix knowing each other.

“A whole year! You get to help ponies from another whole world with their cutie mark problems for a year!”

Oh dear. I fear there was a miscommunication at some juncture.

In any case, eagerly looking forward to more. Equestria is a great place to look to for restoring hope to the wizarding world, especially in the form of a destiny therapist. But at least two Dark Lords' legacies loom on the horizon...
Oh, this is going to be fun.

This is a good start if I ever saw one. Still, there should be more explanation on how the Equestrians know Hogwarts exist.

I honestly don't know who's going to be more horrified. Nott when he learns his teachers signed him up to go to the land of talking ponies, or Sweetie Bell when she learns that she's going to a land where no one ever gets a cutie mark.

Some of the best comedy Ive seen this year, and its only the first chapter?.. Please, continue, especially if things get so chaotic that Discord walks out in a huff becausew his help isnt required. :unsuresweetie:

Currently a witch or wizard has two things that define them? Their particular wand, and their patronus? From that, its which areas they specialise in, potions, transfiguration etc?

Due to multiple reasons, how well would Hogwarts, the building, get on with Pinkie Pie? :pinkiehappy:

This looks interesting - I think I'll put it on the list.

One minor correction: Dobby has two "b"s in it... I'll spare you the Shakespeare joke.

Curious to see how will this progress. So few students are certainly to be rare for Hogwarts, hard to justify more than one or at most two separate classes.

Specially curious for the repercussions of the other powers. And to know if Sweetie will be a unicorn or human.

Like a house on fire, obviously :rainbowwild:

or the race of mankind would have died out centuries ago when confronted by the race of womankind.

I don't know how to respond to this. Laughter on how true it is or anger that it insinuates all men are idiots.

Also this idea seems familiar to me. I think another author had these two in their story on the site. Now if I could only remember what it was called. Still I weep for Slughorn he will regret ever thinking things couldn't be worse.

Is Philomena meeting Fawkes a reference to Burning Day Brethern?

Initial reaction to title: Oh great, another slap-dash wish-fulfillment Potter crossover that's going to trash everyone's character and- *sees who the author is* :rainbowderp:

Huh... *slowly pushes the favorite button*

Good premise, intriguing start, decent writing.

But the make-and-break question is: Will she be humanised? For lack of the tag, my hopes are up.

Dobby, not Doby.

That said, I look forward to this adventure, and that opening crawl was phenomenal.

9918685 A party house, that is.
9918676 Fixing, ty.
9918646 The wizarding world is a great display of individuality where each student has their own points of expertise regardless of House, parentage, or expectations. You see that when Ron switches wands frequently despite each wizard supposedly being set on their one true stick, or when Nevile proves to be one of the bravest of Dumbledore's Army. Intersectionality theory has no place at Hogwarts. Individualism rules.
9918585 Less horrified, more fascinated for both of them.
9918556 Wait for it.
9918551 I love to write the way I think British people think Americans are. :pinkiehappy:

And the stakes have been set. This should be as exciting as it's been adorable.

“Yeah!” said Scootaloo, punching the air with one hoof. “You’re even getting a ship.”

“Ah don’t think that’s what a scholarship is,” said Apple Bloom.


If it sound silly, if it reads silly, then it probably is silly.
I like silly.
Have a thumb up.

Well, the wizards tried the whole “have a big party after the fall of darkness” thing seventeen years ago, and look where that got them. They could give the other way a try. They did the “Voldemort is dead, now what?” Thing then too, it shouldn’t be too hard for them to do it again.

Is Harry going to be in this? He did miss his seventh year while he was on the run. Ginny would be finished, but Ron might be back...

And Sweetie is only a First Year? Depending on when in the show this is set, she could practically be a junior faculty member.



Booster Spice The wizarding world is a great display of individuality where each student has their own points of expertise regardless of House, parentage, or expectations. You see that when Ron switches wands frequently despite each wizard supposedly being set on their one true stick, or when Nevile proves to be one of the bravest of Dumbledore's Army. Intersectionality theory has no place at Hogwarts. Individualism rules.

Except where Slytherins are concerned, since they're all uniformly evil and untrustworthy.

9919189 Well, in a stereotypical way. Remember, JK Rowling has said in interviews that many of the Slytherin students fought in the Battle of Hogwarts on the other side, and the Malfoy family withdrew totally before the fighting even started. So in a way, they're untrustworthy to even themselves. Consider also that Snape (H:Sl) turned out to be the greatest asset of Dumbledore, second only to Harry Potter, who he treated more like an asset than a friend. And that the head of Slytherin House (Prof. Slugworth) also fought against Voldemort. Slytherin's are certainly individualists, in the 'Every man for himself' mould, if nothing else. Of the whole bunch, Hufflepuff is probably the most clan-aligned, and even then you wind up with great individualist wizards such as Scamander.
9919180 Harry (as per Pottermore) never went back. Neither did Ron, although they both held posts as Aurors for a number of years since (canon) Dumbledore's Army members were permitted to transfer right in. Ginny has a year left, and Hermonie would probably die rather than finish up her skipped year, so you'll see them both.
9918852 Ah, the Ship of Statecraft.
9918834 The stakes are set, the wood piled up, and all we need is a spark.
9918782 I got it, I got it. Had to go back and catch a couple more minor fidgets too. Punching the publish button does that.
9918778 Wait for it...
9918768 I live to maintain my reputation :)
9918757 Nope, but Burning Day Brethren is an awesome story, and everybody reading this comment should go read it too.

Well how about that, a new Hogwarts story. And something not set in the first year for a change, a twist! This should be quite interesting.

Well, here we go again. I think this is the... I wanna say 5th... HP crossover I've started reading on this site. At this point, I'm most curious as to what the author's conceptions of the Harry Potter world and the MLP world are.

With the opening statements of this chapter, it sounds like magic is being replaced by some kind of monolithic deity, and wizards are being replaced by priests. I'm glad that this story is happening after the end of the canon HP timeline, since I've never seen that before. I'm curious as to how it will go.

As for the MLP side, it's still a bit unclear as to when this is happening in the timeline. Even so, is this version of Equestria going to be the solid version, or the cartoon version? Where does it fall on the Toy Box Scale?

Interesting start, and a very interesting setup. Looking forward to where this one is going to go.

I don’t think Magic is being presented that way. I would liken it more to the crystals from Disney’s Atlantis, where it’s a magical tool that has been tapped into by so many, and influenced them in turn that it “developed a consciousness of its own”.

Consider HP Canon, where the unforgivable curses can’t be used by righteous anger, but instead the want to harm. Or just what is required to make a Horcrux, and what it costs the wielder. Those would be examples of magic being used in ways it doesn’t like.

Another example here would be in Harry Potter and the Crystal Empire, where Harry tried to cast two spells at once and it drains him much more than casting them separately. As McGonagall tells him, Magic is familiar with how it is shaped for spells cast hundreds of times by different people, but is unfamiliar with such a thing as dual-casting and so it takes much more effort.

That’s the sort of comparison I think Georg was making.

How much knowledge of Harry Potter lore does this require? Like, I've seen the movies... once... a long time ago. I never really cared about the whole universe, and know nothing of the ins and outs of the lore, aside from whatever drunken ramblings J.K. Rowling kicks out on Twitter whenever she doesn't feel she's getting enough attention. But, it being written by you means I will probably enjoy it.

9919794 Trust me. Have I ever steered you wrong? Wait, don't answer that. The statute of limitations isn't up yet.
9919556 It's more a shift in POV from the magician to the magic. Gotta expand that vision.
9919309 Hopefully, one of those was mine. This is more the solid version. Having an actual cartoon crossover would be... Odd. I don't think I've ever written anything fully 'Toon.
9919227 It's fairly normal to start a tribute story with the same characters in the same timeline. I find it hard to re-write an author's multi-million dollar best seller to be better, so I write in the cracks. Although I'm fairly sure I could have written Cursed Child far better. And so could about half the FimFiction author community.
9919180 The Crystal Empire ponies did too, and Sombra came back (although just for part of an episode)


or Sweetie Bell when she learns that she's going to a land where no one ever gets a cutie mark.

I doubt that this will stop her :). Keep in mind that CMC able to help Gabby "find her cutie mark" even though she a griffon.

Ok, this looks pretty interesting, lets see to where goes

9919991 Well, just as a warning, it's only going to hit 10 chapters before I run out of cache. It took me 2 years to write to this point, so I thought for NaNoWriMo I'd start publishing.

Na, don't worry if a story it's good, the true fans will wait no matter how long take, but only if its not cancelled, because in that case you will get a cool shoulder for any other story, it will be hard to gain again the trust.

Do you know where you're going?

Thus begins Sweetie Belles journey of discovery,,, starting with underthings.

Solid vs Toon Equestria isn't weather or not the appearance of the world is animated. It's weather or not the hundreds of cartoon embellishments present in the show are literally the case in the world. For instance, the metal of the smokestack on the steam train bends and flexes to emphasize that it is "forcing out" the steam. Also, the nobility walks around in Canterlot with their chins up and eyes shut, to symbolize how arrogant they are. If you look carefully, there are hundreds of these cartoony exaggerations sprinkled all over the show. In the Cartoon Equestria, these exaggerations are literal fact, and actually happen. In the Solid Equestria, they are negated.

Good thing Sweetie is too young to go to the bank herself, and needs a Responsible adult, otherwise with how long Celestias money has been acruing intrest, that Vault is going to be The Problem?:trollestia:

Nott is a dark follower and theres some Psyche still infusing the Crystal Empire? Will Flurry have to blast it out of him or is he going for his own redemption arc?

That or someone will tell her the story of Lady Godiva at some point.

it is sure looking like George has a new hit on his hooves.
i am really hopping you do not get overwhelmed with to many ongoing story's and lose track of them.

Celestia must have known this could happen. I think she will quickly be given some covering. Still I wonder how Rarity would react to always having to wear clothing?

And when the blinding flash of magic was over, a very young girl sat stunned on the floor, with a cascade of flowing pink and light purple hair flowing down her back providing her only clothing.

What? This portal didn't provide clothes? Twilight missed the important settings of the portal.

Underthings? Like... socks?! T-that’s naughty!

Poor Nott, he has no idea what awaits him :rainbowlaugh:

I think that's one of Starswirl's. It's not the one in her castle, that's quite clear.

The one in her castle also made by Starswirl. But that connects to Sunset's world, not Harry Potter's. So I guessed Twilight tweak this mirror so it would connect to Harry's world, but forgot to setup the default clothes (both worlds have different taste of fashion)

Guessing Sweetie’s House will be Hufflepuff

I think this one always connected to Harry's, considering Celestia mentioned being centuries since she and Luna visited. I don't think Twilight did anything to that one.

There’s a fanfic where adult Twilight Sparkle joins Hogwarts. Using Sweetie Belle makes more sense because she still needs to learn.

Also, I’ve forgotten what the Wizengamot are.

Wizard Parlaiment I think?

9920681 The Wizard's version of Congress, with a median age of 75.
9920675 Quick note: Hogwarts was established in 990 AD. Luna's been banished for around a thousand years. Local time for HP+1 is 1998. See how well those two fit together?
9920660 For a Crusader? The universe would collapse first.
9920629 As above, remember that Starswirl likewise has been out of the picture for around a thousand years. The greatest pony wizard of all time.

"What do you mean, they left me out!" huffed the old crusty unicorn as he pressed closer to Headmistress McGonagall, glaring up at her through the bells dangling off his hat brim. "We had a deal! Full credit, a seat at the table whenever I returned! And not even a portrait!" he practically exploded, waving a hoof at the line of headmaster portraits looking down at the ongoing one-sided conversation. "Unacceptable! Where is Clover? I left her here to make sure..." He trailed off with a distant look, which gave McGonagall a faint chill up the back to think about how many centuries his memories covered. Thankfully, Headmaster Dumbledore had given her one special lesson on how to deal with irate parents and other adults.

"I understand totally, Professor Starswirl," she started, moving over to the table next to the more interesting and unfathomable glittering devices that various Headmasters had collected over the years and still had no clue what they did. "Why don't we sit down and have a cup of tea, just the two of us, and see if we can work things out."

9920593 Not just socks. Proper witches also voluntarily strap themselves into this torture device known as a 'bra' even if they don't need it yet. Poor Sweetie.

No, that's fanon.

In canon, the Wizengamot are a Judicial Body, and that's it.
No matter how many fanfics try to make them be like Parliament, that's not their canon purpose.

So... you think there's some other group that makes the laws they enforce? There's no hint of that in canon.

Oi ya cheeky, sleazy author, did you just make the sky butt duo and their smarmy teacher founders too? That's bound to have hilarious consequences :rainbowlaugh:


She will either be Ravenclaw or Griffindor. My money is on Griffindor.

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