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STORIES COMPLETED // 2022 + YEAR END STATS · 1:33am Jan 9th, 2023

read read and read some more


Thanks as usual to everyone who actually read my comments on any random story!

The list begins below!

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Words read on FimFic = 28,539,863 (calculated on 01/01/2022) + 3,493,732 words
Dec. 2021: 25,046,131 + 3,967,870 words
Dec. 2020: 21,078,261 + 2,180,262 words
Dec. 2019: 19,095,001 + 1,295,564 words
Dec. 2017: 17,799,437 + 831,038 words
Dec. 2016: 16,968,399 + 2,149,139 words
Dec. 2015: 14,642,490 + 4,757,729 words
Dec. 2014: 9,357,253 + 4,190,530 words
Jan. 2014: 5,454,537

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Thanks for the watch! :heart:

Thank you for checking out No, Maybe, Yes and adding it to your bookshelves!

Howdy! Just wanted to say thanks for adding Surrogate Dashie and Princess Twilight Takes A Walk to your bookshelves! Surrogate was the first pure comedy I ever wrote, so I'm quite jazzed that people still like it. And while I sadly had to cancel PTTAW due to life and motivation reasons, if you really liked it, I posted a blog a while back detailing the basics of how it would have gone.

Thanks for making my day! Here, have an awesome!

Thank you for reading Trixie and Prince Charming. It's an honor. :twilightblush: Feel free to check out my other Lunaverse stories.

Author Interviewer

oh XD

well, you enjoyed them once, at least, I assume!

there's a way to set bookshelves private if you don't want to send out tons of notifications to people, it's in the editing options for each shelf :) but I don't mind, at least!

  • Viewing 39 - 43 of 43
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