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It's pronounced "E-saw," and it's the Hopi word for "coyote."


Princess Twilight Sparkle needs to hire some new staff members to help with her transition to Equestria's sole ruling monarch. Should be easy and non-controversial, right?

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*See's the last line...*

Oh son of a-! You got me

Georg #4 · 3 weeks ago · · ·

I'm in Awe.

iisaw #5 · 3 weeks ago · · ·

Lucky you! :raritywink:

...I’m disappointed in myself for expecting anything else.

"I'm still concerned about those Affability Quotient symbols. I'm pretty sure one of them stared back at me."
"Huh. Only one?"

In any case, a bit late for the contest, but still exquisitely done. Thank you for it.

You are bad and you should feel bad for that! :facehoof:

Seriously though, you really got me. :rainbowlaugh:

iisaw #9 · 3 weeks ago · · ·


You're welcome! I was one of the judges, so I couldn't enter... but it got my feghoot juices flowing. (Which made quite a mess, let me tell you!)

:moustache:Lucky for you she's a mule :duck: Makes for no paternity problems....


Ah, I love a good feghoot. Shame I’ve never read one.

Goddammit iisaw :facehoof::rainbowlaugh:

Fantastic Feghoot! :rainbowlaugh:

I stared at that last line for ten seconds.

And then I laughed. Well done.

I can't believe you've done this.

I know, right? :twilightblush:

9797293 "Could be worse," said Starlight. "She's the only one of her family who applied. She has a sister."

"Her sister is worse?" asked Twilight, swallowing the hook whole.

"She brews artisanal wine make from dandelion roots," said Starlight, checking a box on her clipboard while edging every so slightly closer to the doorway. "Then she serves it in a frosted glass, resting on a bed of fresh kale leaves, arranged in geometric patterns."

"I don't see how that is worse," said Twilight, wrinkling her brow in deep thought. "It actually doesn't sound too bad, compared to some of the dishes served in Canterlot."

"So would you like to make an appointment, Twilight? That way you can try the authentic jenny-wine art ala kale?"

Starlight almost made it to the door.

Poor Twilight. Great social commentary, and an excellent pun. :twilightsmile:

*big mac and several other stallions* ma'am please shut up.

A story about misandry with a misogony pun? Umm well odd. But you gotta feel for Twilight she does everything to make gender NOT matter and is still accused of being a misandrist.

That's what is so stupid about trying to hire so your workforce is half man and half women. Or doing the same race wise.

Just hire who is best for the job. It should not matter if they end up being all Male or all female or all white or all black, ect. because of it.


You sonofa mule.

I trusted you.

(I'm dying.)

[obligatory groan]

...Hm. I don't get that one, though. Authentic genuine... something, but I'm not parsing the something.

I'm guessing the last word is supposed to be article

Authentic Genuine Article.

Ah! Hm. Yes, with the right way of pronouncing "ala", that'd work! Thanks. Though now I'm wondering if it's a bit of a stretch or if my natural pronunciation of "ala" there is wrong.

An awful pun. Fluttershy must object to your treatment of shaggy dogs.

Sadly lots think "Equality" means equal outcome no matter what, not equal outcome for equal effort.


I hate to say it
But I don't get that last pun

Ms. Awe jenny = misogyny.

The term for sexism against males is misandry


"Could be worse," said Starlight. "She's the only one of her family who applied. She has a sister."

"I heard knew some Zebra shaman. Helped her write a a series of holy books or something. Really jump-started those changes in the Southern Empires all those years ago."

"Really? She had a part in all that?"

"Yup. I guess it all began with jenny's sis."


:coolphoto: Take your upvote and go.

Yessir! Thank you, sir! :pinkiehappy:

Well I'm utterly flummoxed.

That's a rare state for me.

You should be honored.

...but she wasn't misandric, was she?

Took me reading the last line out loud to catch the joke but that was pretty good.

No, this is definitely missing something....

There we go.

You're just fortunate I couldn't find a Twilight-Sparkle-in-shades emoticon to go with it. Yes, I DID search the interwebs...

That ending pun made me groan. Keep up the great work!

Took me a second to get the pun. As for the story itself...poor Twilight. She's trying to do good, only to get yelled at.

Some folks are never satisfied.


I never see these coming...

iisaw #48 · Sunday · · ·

Honestly, if there was a feghoot tag, I would have used it! :twilightblush:

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