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I nodded emphatically. "And he realized what had come out of his mouth about three seconds too late. So there's a new saying going around in Canterlot: 'Blue blood, red face!'"

This made me go and read Dear Idiot again, and I enjoyed every moment of it. So thank you for that.

Dear Idiot is a really fun story! :pinkiehappy:

Ideas are like kittens, once you let them in it's hard to bring yourself to get rid of them :derpytongue2: And cute slice of life fics are adorable and don't need any other justification.

Well, it's exactly what it says on the tin.

I doubt I would have read it if it hadn't been you.

But boy, I'm glad I did.

A short, well written, cute story that doesn’t end in clever wordplay or a pun. I’m sold!
Thank you very much for this.

... and though Celestia had given me many good lessons on how to be a princess, one thing she had neglected to teach me was how to keep my horn from getting tangled in low-hanging tree branches.

:trollestia: "I always just charge my horn so it slices through any obstructions. It also makes this lovely vwoom noise whenever I move my head fast enough."

With the name, I had expected some magical creature that produced actual fire of some sort, but the color was more of a surprise.

Same. Maybe the double pun potential cancelled itself out so they were left with ordinary amphibians. Or maybe they only ignite during the mating season.

Lovely slice of life, with some intriguing undertones that hint at how being a princess can be rough for her friends as well. (And I can't help but wonder whether Discord's non-appearance means he's finally learned tact or if he was just distracted.) Thank you for it.

A very serene and wonderful day in the life story. It's nice to have friends and a place where one can relax and enjoy just being. The setting and easy pace of Of the story really made this s wonderful read.

Thank you. I really needed this this morning.:twilightsmile:

Absolutely beautiful! I know PsychicKid is going to love it~ Thanks for writing this!

3/5. Needs about 65% more airships and cutlasses

EDIT: That's a joke, I loved it

This was such an amazing and wonderful thing to wake up to! I actually almost forgot about that little exchange between us and I was thinking to myself "what on earth have I done to be randomly gifted a fanfic!" :twilightblush: I would have commented on it sooner, but I've been at work all day, so I just now got around to reading it. It was the first thing I did after clocking out for the day!

Thank you so much for writing this. It was a real treat to read, and it plays out not unlike the opening premise of an S1 or S2 episode (Alicorn shrinkage not-withstanding of course). It's very comfy, and the little tiny bits about Twilight's concerns over being a princess at the beginning and end are a great framing device. Fluttershy was a pure delight as well; everything about it felt so natural and in-universe. The little pastries she made, the salamanders, it was just the perfect amount of comfiness.

It's kind of funny how Twilight uses a spell to shrink back down to unicorn size, and I actually had this headcanon after seeing her gigaform in the S9 finale; that she could just zap back down to regular-alicorn-Twi-size or unicorn-Twi-size if the need arose. It's almost as if you read my mind!

I generally stick to stories that stick to the show's tone and feel 90% of the time. If The Celestia Code was the literary equivalent of episodes 25 and 26 to a random season, then this is the equivalent of episode 3 or 4. It very much has that "pony-ish" feeling that hooked me in 9 years ago. It's definitely an inspiration, and I hope to break into writing more short, little silly fun stories like these in the future. I already did that with Tea Decisions on a whim one day, so hopefully once I wrap Magisight up (and before the inevitable Magisight 2) I can write my own similar feel-good SoL stories. I definitely want to explore the Burger Princess restaurant one day...

Thanks again, and Happy Hearthswarming! :twilightsmile:

You're very welcome, and I'm so glad you liked it!

This is a nice slice of life. I like it.

Quite pleasant; thank you. :)

First and foremost, as a fan of the show there’s just a love of the characters and a desire to spend time with them... thanks for scratching that itch in a delightfully charming little way!

The spell for Twilight to change back into a unicorn immediately drew me in. Simple yet a great read. Thanks.:twilightsmile:

Adorable fic is adorable 😊 love stories like this, so calming and sweet. Glad you did it :)

To quote Ghostbusters 2, "short, but pointless"...

And then, suddenly, Lavan attacked! :twilightoops:

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