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I'm a gamer above anything else but I do enjoy reading and writing quite a bit. I'm just a writer for fun.


Series Finale · 5:45pm Sep 7th, 2019

It ended precisely as expected with more or less the final lesson it needed to address dealt with. About the only real thing I feel they missed was dealing with the death of a friend and one could make arguments that was done in the episode in the past dealing with Dash and her reaction to Tank's hibernation. All around I'm rather satisfied that on the whole the series stuck to what one could expect it to given its subject matter, setting, and own lore. It sure was sweet to see Twilight

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You know that poll you voted in? Thought you might like to see the results.

Whoops, forgot to respond to this. I think I've hit upon a way around my block for Zecora. However, I suspect I'll be working on at least one new story this month first. In the mood for a bit of humor before I return to that one.

Any luck been a few months

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