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Good luck finding what you want without the links
For story reviewers
1. All reviews will be posted in an information group and once approved a link will be added to a thread in bat=td
2. If you fail to make the requirement for three months in a row with an because you will be demoted until you write your next review (Aka if you get fired for inactivity just write a review to get your job back)
3. You get your name on the hierarchy
4. You will be eligible to be the review admin after a couple of months
5. Post the stories review thread before you write the review to claim rights to that review
6. If you want to review a story that has already been reviewed it will not count towards your deadline.
7. If you decide to do the above then post the review in that stories review thread
If you have any questions or comments please Pm me

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Collation test dummy

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Tyrant Sparkle

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