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Welcome to Twilight's Kingdom!

Princess Twilight Sparkle, the newest ruler of Equestria, finally has taken her rightful place and has her own kingdom, where her and her friends rule.

She is deserving of our love and appreciation, after defeating Tirek and bringing back the Elements of Harmony in the form of Rainbow Power.

What is the purpose of this group? Well, first off, it is for anyone who loves and appreciates Princess Twilight Sparkle and would love to be under her rule.

Second of all, the forums are open to anything about Twilight's Kingdom and that of Princess Twilight's power. Since Twilight Sparkle is forgiving and a kind ruler, it would only be fair to let you do anything that you wish to do here under her rule. However, there are a couple of rules that she would like you to follow.

So please, join Twilight's Kingdom today, and learn of the kindness and happiness you shall receive under her power.

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Accidentally posted my new stampede story in the dark folder

Since we are supposed to sending all the love to Princess Twilight, I hope it is ok when Pinkie does her best on this end of the road.

How many Twilight can a Pony fit within the same Throne Room?
Granted, the room is pretty large, but still.

Would it count if twilight rules equestria with her friends when the princesses die?

360708 and where's your uniform

I do have a question. Are stories about Twilight becoming evil and ruling ruthlessly allowed here....not to mention her first becoming a Dark Queen and then a Dark Goddess?

If it's okay I've just added my story Twilight's Magic (if it's not ok I'm sorry and I'll delete it.):twilightblush:

You should write it first before adding it to any folder:rainbowlaugh:


Comment posted by Twilight-the-Pony deleted May 26th, 2014

whooo this is sooo cooool, :twilightsmile:

I love Princess Twilight! :twilightsheepish: This is an awesome group!
Anyway, I have a story I'm working on that doesn't exactly star the Princess herself, but revolves around her death. Can I add it to the sad or tragedy folder?

All hail Princess Twilight!

we approve of this group:moustache:

Get ready for regicide.

The rule says: Don't be a troll! But if my mom is a troll? What can I do? :( :raritycry:

360738 Julia, can I haz bee Adminz?

You may put them in any folder that applies. :twilightsmile:

Sure. Why not?:pinkiecrazy:

Oh alright.

I'm in.

~Skeeter The Lurker

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