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Welcome! This group is dedicated to Tyrannical Twilight and the categorization of the awesome stories that come with it! Tyranny does not have to involve princessnhood, evilness, ruling, or alicorns! It can involve any story in which Twilight exercises her power with impunity! Tread carefully, she just may smite you!

Tyrant Sparkle does not necessarily imply Evil Twilight. Everyone has a little bit of evil in them without realizing it. So if one person- or pony- has the power to enact everything they believe no matter how well intentioned there will be conflict because it is impossible for that person to have perfect ideas and judgement. If you wield power like a king or dictator you will always be a villain or tyrant to someone.

The essence of Tyrant Sparkle is what happens because Twilight has such power.

Do you have a story where Twilight's power gets to her head? Does she believe her opinions to be the only right ones due to the power she has gained? Does she act like an Alpha B****? Does might make right? Does power define morality? If so, I want your story here!

Feel free to make suggestions(including new folder suggestions), ask questions about this group, or start your own discussion about anything in the forum. I am open to new ideas and harsh criticism. If you think you have an idea that will make the group better I want to know! People who contribute will get promotions, I am looking for mods. Be sure to read the link below before you post any story. Alternately, folders are explained as you click through them. Hopefully we can make this group an awesome source of fics relating to Tyrant Sparkle!

If you want to minimize story plot spoilers then only look in the main folder which has all of the stories and avoid the sub categories which can ruin plot surprises. Expect to have Tyrant!Sparkle itself spoiled.


If you are too lazy for all of these rules then just dump the story into the Confirmed Tyrant Sparkle folder. I won't judge you... much.

Also, please post in the forums about anything. The forums have a severe antisocial problem.

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Allow me to introduce myself I am Oculous the cunning Hunter

Comment posted by SLASH AN ASSASSIN deleted Nov 14th, 2018

What can I say :pinkiecrazy: I love the Dark side :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by NightmareTRXY32 deleted Jul 31st, 2016

Member 969 here! Tyrant Twilight FTW!

I'm making a fic where Twilight and Sombra corrupt 2 other ponies into helping them take over Equestria, only our dear Twilight slips to the darkside and brings one of the CMC with her. >:) . I have one already done that has her lose it after battling a Xenomorph. In that one Sombra Corrupts her and RAINBOW DASH. If anyone wants to see Twilight become a Sith Lord, im open to suggestions. Since im also an artist and my PRofile pic here is something i made in Artweaver 5.
I've already turned Rainbow Dash and Pinkie to the Dark Side of the Force. http://thenorthremembers3.deviantart.com/art/Pinkamena-is-a-Sith-Lord-573969853t00.deviantart.net/qKmoUf64typp6wv6rHVEYiREoIo=/300x200/filters:fixed_height(100,100):origin()/pre14/6413/th/pre/i/2015/322/0/d/rainbow_dash_becomes_a_sith_lord_by_thenorthremembers3-d9h6c08.jpg


Since when has my home been right under my nose for so long?

this is where I belong :heart: :twilightsheepish: :twilightsmile:

When the member count reaches 888 you're gonna see some serious shit.

Hiiya, I am new here.
I joined shice I realised I had to be here.
Then I added two stories where Twilight acts in accordence with the rules.

This is so for me :coolphoto: I will never leave this group

OH YES!!!!:pinkiecrazy: I'm starting to love evil Twilight.

Awwww yeah! This is my group! :trollestia:

The banner changes!?!?!?


I need that banner pic for... Science purposes...

I remember the first anniversary I held:twilightsmile:

I only had like 200 members:raritycry::raritydespair:
Of course I think clopfics was only 2000 members back then:pinkiecrazy:

And the only way to advertise your group was with stories being in said group

Aw man! I missed the first anniversary of my group! For those who were wondering, Tyrant Sparkle turned one on June second.

361477 :yay:

Gotta love how many members hosting a contest brings:trollestia:


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