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Thanks for the following!

The second. I'm still extremely deadly I just don't use less of my extra gear that ensures more death.

Does that mean you only can be OP when fighting someone OP, or you choose not to be OP when fighting someone who isn't OP?

I know, well this is what you have to deal with every once in a while when you give the thing a mind of it's own. Here can I tell you a secret while we wait? I'm only super op when fighting some one who is super op

I hate it went that happens

... why has it not come back yet? Did it go to the wrong universe again? I swear if it stopped at that diner I'm gonna be pissed.

And now I'm bored, I'll just go in my personal little miniverse now.


Did I mention it will always attempt to reunite with me? Your also unable to alter its reality as it was created and made from materials in a universe from a whole different multiverse and does not abide by the natural rules that most items do. And even if your were to some how destroy it it would travel through time from right before the point of its destruction.

Fair, and that's also why I didn't just punch it, I grabbed it and took it away, now time resumes and I overwrite its reality as quickly as I can.

It's also a time machine and dimension hopper. It withstands the pressure of traveling anywhere, anytime, any anything. I doubt you could destroy it before the time countermeasures came into affect and unpause time for me.

It's not really an insta-kill attack, just that attacking is the requirement to use an ability that alters reality, and it's not a holy attack either since it really doesn't have anything to do with Heaven, it's just named after the idea of Heaven; also, the effect of Made in Heaven is still going so that amount of time went by pretty quickly. Also, from what I can tell, these punches are faster than light, which might not be fast enough to outrace your "omniportation" shits, but I can still stop time and destroy the device.

I can't use Over Heaven while time is stopped though, so that's why I have to destroy it before I can overwrite it.

Are you stupid? It hasnt been 362 years, I say that in 362 years but it came through now because of a time fracture. Everything else is the same. Also me and any copies of me are impervious to insta kill affects or holy attacks of any kind. We are not immune to insta kill attacks that require you to hit me with precision. But it has to be with precision not just a hug inescapable blast. And my dodge rate is 95% and if I do roll a one and can't dodge in time I have a teleportation aspect to my omniportation device that Wil put me out of harms way.

And in that time, I have properly achieved Heaven.
With THE WORLD OVER HEAVEN, I know have the ability to overwrite any reality I can touch, all I have to do is punch that copy and now it's gone.


Sorry time dissonance, I say that in about 362 years, what I actually said is that it would create a false copy capable of imploding the universe

It would Malena false copy capable of imploding the universe

Indeed, but it would not copy the device itself.

My omniportation device has a failsafe that will swap. me to another universe then back in case of some emergency that could kill or replace me. You would just be making a copy of me

Even so, the power of Made in Heaven will cause the universe to reset, and any survivor will be replaced by an equal in the correct time and place, but things will be different.

The device emanates it's own aura of time causing it to never age. Also it's a time machine, it experiences all the time that I use it to travel, it is made to stand against time infinitely. I also have enchantment on it just in case.

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