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I'm an African-American brony. I'm also a huge fan of Pinkamena Diane Pie. I also love to read novels and books about the ancient world. I do plan to make some crossover fanfictions.


Here's an Update on my acitivty · 2:20am Dec 21st, 2016

Good evening guys, I haven't been on here in a while so let me update you on what's happening to me.

The Events that Happened to me This Fall

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Thanks for the watch.

1585921 Oh yeah, Pinkamena as Sadistic, implying she enjoys Hurting others? Last I checked, Pinkamena is commonly sad to depressed, thus act out her internal termoil.

Even if she is used as a means to perform certain acts no other Pony could be capable of.
1633450 Woah, you are starting out with a Cross-Over?

Some help with Grammar is something all of us writers need.
The once best at Editorials are rarly the best writers in the first place.

I wishg you the best of luck with your new story and finding a Proof-Reader. Or even an Editor.

Thanks for favouring my story; A Spiked Hologram
Hope youenjoy following them along the adventures of this story.

1597815 Thanks. It's going to be my first story on here and it's going to be my first crossover on here as well. Since, I'm a first time writer, I'm going to need a proofreader to make sure I have my grammar all correct and to make sure all of the characters are well written and kept in character.

Can't wait for the story!




it's a

crossover! yes!

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