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Here is the thing when it comes to Flash Sentry. When it comes to THE SHOW, which is all that will ever matter, he is completely irrelevant. He gets what, 20 seconds of airtime through the duration of the whole series?

Now when it comes to Equestria Girls, there is a reason everyone despises him. They try to turn some pretty boy into a love interest for Twilight and that didn't go over well with a lot of people. The way they had her behave in EqG, especially that movie, was downright terrible. The Twilight of Equestria does not remind me of the type to simply blush like a little ditz at a character with zero substance.

Twilight never marries a pegasus. And the unicorn lived happily ever after. She was the studier, he was the bully cool guy fake pony that never really got in my heart, because he was just like the evil Hans Β΄of the southern ilsles;.

Finally! I have found my people! Fellow haters of the orange demon! May he be torn apart one pixel at a time, and may it hurt like hell.

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Y'know, it really bugs me that we come from a fandom where we can take a character that sits differently and make her into a human obsessed nut, a character with an animation error on her eyes and make her into a muffin obsessed ditz, a DJ that had less than two seconds of screentime and make her a party animal that's dating that one mare from the gala episode, or that one gaming colt that had us to second cameo and make him Sweetie Belle's love intrest.

And yet when one character pops up and ends up being the object of the main characters affections he suddenly "bland" and the bane of the fandom's existence?! The fact that no one even tries to give him a personality like we've done with every other background character in the series is what pisses me off.

Flash-hate is pointless, hypocritical, and just plain STUPID.

I know this may be a really old joke but, the scouter says THE LEVEL OF FLASH HATE IS OVER 9000

390574 I and many others in this page have already explained why Flash Sucks. He's as flat as a board and the only reason there's some people who likes him is just because of the pairing. And not go with the whole "Well if the writer gives him more space then he would be something more developed as a character" speech because the writers nowadays can't even get right Twilight ability to fly, what makes you think they can make turn someone like Flash into a deep character? Or FlashLight as a beliveble pair? They had one chance with Equestria Girls and they screw it up. It dosen't matter if in Season 5, 6 o heck even 20 he's gonna have something even close to a personality that wouldn't change the fact that the love between him and Twilight is one of the worst things ever made, even worst than Twilight saga.
I would have no problem with Twilight Sparkle having a boyfriend if such boyfriend has more to offer than being a Gary-Stu with no uniqueness. You can't take three-dimensional character and shoehorning her with someone more flat than a surfboard.

384592 But the thing is Flash was never going to win here. On one hand you have the F/F ship who hated him the moment he appeared. Then you have people that consider Twilight there Waifu which is fucking pathetic. Then you have the people that would hate any male paired with Twilight regardless. I mean if he wasn't bland then he would be Mary sue or over the top and the list goes on. How about we wait and see what happens rather than acting like children and crying about an imaginary pony potentially banging a more important and popular imaginary pony.

383703 He's forced pretty everywhere. In EQG there is no point of his existance and the only way to make him useful was to turn Luna into a moron that can't recognize badly cut out photos and Twilight into a BIGGER moron for not saying that she has witness that can prove her innocence, thus destroying Lauren Faust ideal of strong and wise female characters. And not get me started with the "romance" part.
In the sequel, his presence is EVER MORE POINTLESS than the first movie and the love interest is put in doubt when Twilight call him a friend.
I can't figure it out why he was created at his point. Did the writer of EQG wanted to make an Oc of some friend or familiar getting togheter with Twilight or what?
I don't know the answer for that, but what i know is that Hasbro knows that Flash (And by consequence, FlashLight) is not a popular character or pair, but at the same time they don't want to lose those drones who likes him. So what they do? They give him those little cameos, but at the same time they show Twilight completely not giving a crap about him. What an unfunny joke. And, to top all off, they also make the main cast act like EQG didn't happened... what a convoluted mess.

383703 I agree completely.

383490 I think he's forced in the show, I just don't know why he's even in the show like you said. Because the show already has a couple that represents love, and they show it beautifully, he's only there as a love interest for Twilight that ultimately turns out to be pointless because it's rarely ever mentioned and all he is, is a background pony in the show. Who eyeballs Twilight in a way that rubs me the wrong way

I just hate the guy because he seems pointless. He has no reason to be in the show, he's just there. Why? Why is he there?
Kill him, with fire! He stole my waifu!:flutterrage:
#Save your waifu from the corruption known as Flash Sentry

Hate flash's guts. Twilight is MINE, I mean, flash is a horrible pony. Yes, that probably wont get me skinned alive

I see somebody added The Chase.

But to the wrong folder.

Flash and Twilight and Rainbow Dash will all be having little pony babies until the cows come home, so it isn't anti-Flash at all. He lives a long life screwing Twilight on a regular basis.

Have fun!

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