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Jamin P Rose

I write fetish clopfics, and occasionally other things.


The Perfect Song for Today · 5:47pm Oct 12th, 2019

For Today:
Friends. Those people who stick with us, and we with them, through thick and thin. Those people who know when we are sad, even if we don't show it. People to share in the laughter. People to hug. People who help us know who we are, and people we help to try new things with. That and so much more. Friends.

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As you can guess my name is Jamin. I have a passion for writing and a great love for reading. Most of the time I will be reading whatever happens to catch my eye, whether that be a romance novel or an adventure story, to something saucy. I will occasionally write a blog post about what stories I've been reading, or perhaps my latest writing project. I tend to be a perfectionist and often need to be reminded that perfection is not required, which is why I will be trying to post some of the rough drafts for the smaller projects I work on.

I am a fan of the Clocktower Society and often keep up to date with what new stories are coming out in that group. I will be trying to write my own stories that take place in that universe so keep an eye out for them. Aside from that I also write stories about fetishes that I have, not all of it is for everyone so I will try to tag things or provide obvious content spoilers so that you know what you're getting into.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment.

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Thanks for the add to important reads. Not sure how you did that, though. Does one click, "Read it later" and then the option "important read" is elsewhere? Anyway, I appreciate your appreciation. Thank you for the support.

Thanks for the favourite on Trixie's Commentary!

Sorry to ask this but do you to pony face fart fics if you to i have a story idea

And thanks for the favourite on Batwings and Bondage!

Also thanks for the favourite on Trixie's Infiltration!

  • Viewing 208 - 212 of 212
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