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Hang up your hats and your taboos!

We're a group of incredibly depraved hopelessly horny interesting fellas who have happened to create ourselves a little group, in order to compile, catalogue, and discuss incest in fiction.

We have several folders to allow for highly precise cataloging, so you'll never go into a fic blind as to what exact sort of incest you'll be dealing with. In essence, this is a group that is by all means made for a very, very, very, very, very, very specific audience and I don't see it succeeding very much. But to hell with it! Enjoy being here with other horse-family-fuckery-fappers. Unless you're one of those submitting to the non-clop folder, which we greatly appreciate as well.

As of right now we have no real ground rules, besides no spamming the forums and be polite as possible considering the subject matter. Oh, and no shipping wars. With those rules, I think we should be good.

Self-promotion? We dig it! Discussion? Yes please! We're always open to new ideas!

I digress. Enjoy yourselves. Have a drink. Be mellow. :rainbowkiss:

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I'm looking for this one fic in particular that I can't seem to find. Cadence is worried about Shining disappearing every night, so she calls in Twilight. Twilight finds out that Shining is using a local gloryhole, and decides to keep it a secret from her. I remember at the very end, Cadence is told it's just a gambling addiction. I'd appreciate it if someone could find it for me.

Self promotion? Hot dignity damn with a sausage going up my rectum, follow me fer the giggles.

I'm only here because I think Big Mac plows his sister.


Well I thought it meant these fics have Twi and cest in them and that's win, so...don't feel bad! :twilightsheepish:

Crap. I was being an idiot. It's for TwiShining don't worry about it.i can't believe it took me so long to get it. :facehoof:


Is that what that means? Somebody just added one of my stories to that folder...and I'm flattered, but the story is about Dusk and Gleaming. Or does 'Twining' Just mean like....'Twi win' or something, like Wincest!?

Your Twinning folder is full of twi/Shine, they aren't twins. That is all.

I just joined and i must I love this group! :pinkiehappy:

I don't regret finding this group, looking at the name, and thinking "Oh that's hot."

You seriously need a folder for mother/daughter incest.

405772 Then have an all Pink moment and enjoy the sensations coming with it.

hehehee, I laughed, thanks~

I just added a new story of mine.
Since there is no rules for posting stories in print, I chose to go by relevance on all folder that applies.
If I am wrong, feel free to correct the positions and place a Thread on the forus on Sticky.
The story is mainly about two sisters, with the brother on he side.
340527 Your Avatar perfectly reflected your statement, right there .. :twilightsmile:
364516 Sorry, my pink Muse never turned up a hint of this day, BUTT, I have some 100 stories to tend to.
386072 Kinda love how you pronounced this statement, right there .. :scootangel:
394755 Have any pre-ferences, or am I to just step right in? :pinkiesmile:

If there is anybody out there who could give me some advice i am starting to wright clopfic and was wondering if somone could give me some advice if you can and are a decent wrighter  pls pm me some advice if you can thnx (im not this bad at righting usually im just on a mobile and also autocorrect)

I imagined Bill Murray saying that.


proofreading and
editing service

PM me with any requests


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