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How long is this NOW moment supposed to last?

It really bugs me that we come from a fandom where we can take a character that sits differently and make her into a human obsessed nut, a character with an animation error on her eyes and make her into a muffin obsessed ditz, a DJ that had less than two seconds of screentime and make her a party animal that’s dating that one mare from the gala episode, or that one gaming colt that had a two second cameo and make him Sweetie Belle’s love interest.

And yet when one character pops up and ends up being the object of the main character’s affections he suddenly "bland" and the bane of the fandom’s existence?! The fact that no one even tries to give him a personality like we’ve done with every other background character in the series is what pisses me off.

Oh, and one last thing that proves that you're all just a bunch of hypocrites:

If Flash had been introduced as a female, none of you would've CARED, if anything you'd just ship them like everyone else.

Bottom line: Flash-hate is pointless, hypocritical, and just plain STUPID.

I just found out my big sister's a Flashlight shipper
I need some Fluttercord.... NOW.


I don't hate on FlashLight to the shippers, I just strongly dislike the ship.

394697 I don't hate the fans of FlashLight. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and given that this is a forum where we can express our opinions freely, I'm not going to expect anypony to conform to the topic of the group. After all, this forum isn't ran by Starlight!

394690 Didn't expect you to say that. I thought all anti-flashlights just hate all fans/stories of Flashlight.

394684 No, I won't quit watching the show. I'm sure you hope all the anti-flashLight fans would quit watching. Personally though I think the best thing would be for him to simply be written out of the show. No one would even notice anyway. Even you flashLight shippers would eventually forget he ever existed, well in the show anyway.

389330 Say they the writers do ship them, will you just stop watching the show all together?

378582 This is sorta pay back for you guys because you Anti-Flashlighters keep going too the Flashlight group just to post a insult comment.

P.S. Flashlight Fan.

We need some stories in here. Here is my take. I don't hate human Flash so much as to what this stupid, idiotic crush shit in EqG could transfer over to the series. The writers may go against what Queen Faust envisioned for the show, particularly Twilight. They (the writers) may eventually decide to ship Twi with the pretty boy pony Flash, who is the most useless character in the show. Even looking at pony flash makes me think he is the Equestrian version of a pretty boy, a member of a boy band, dumber than dirt and was probably a jock in high school. If Twily MUST be shipped, either hook her up with a regular, everyday pony, one of those unicorn guards that patrol the night (they look amazing), a member of the Lunar Royal Guard (after all, bat ponies are the best) OR ship here with a mare (yes I know that only happens in fan fics.) Hell, I would rather her break Matilda's heart and steal Cranky than hook up with that pretty boy Flash. Best thing to do to Flash, feed him to the hydra.

The only thing missing now is some stories.....

377791 flashlight Is bad, flash pony is boring and flash human is a Cliché of popular guy

Flashlight shipping RULES!!!!!!! That is all.:derpytongue2:

1. I created one, so if I leave, I think the whole group will get deleted, and that not fair because some still people ship CometSparkle

2. The ones I didn't created, I'm an admin or moderator on a few of them. So I can't leave until they get someone to take my spot.

370433 Yeah... no.

I don't like shipping anymore... GET IT IN YOUR HEAD

What hypocrisy?

Just stop please. :)

Thank you

Not really...

*bumps into pony Flash*

*screams in terror*

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