I open this group so who wants to talk about EQG and of how much sucks can come here so we can tear this insult to FIM down. Not even the drones who like EQG will be safe from our clean up mind!

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Julia #22 · Jun 25th, 2015 · · 11 ·

In my personal opinion, I'm just saying Equestria Girls is good.

I'm not trolling, or throwing any bait.

I don't know when it became wrong to have an opinion, but I think the way you guys are carrying out this hatred for this movie is all wrong. It just seems a bit irrational.

If anything, I'd say it was this group that was created to troll and throw bait.

I hate this movie even more than I hate MLP. Count me in

Opened a new thread about the worst songs of EQG, let me know wich are the worst and what is the least bad.

Opened a new topic in the forum section, let me know what your thoughts are people :pinkiehappy:

337193 No. It's so hard I have to rewrite the whole da:fluttershyyay:m thing! :flutterrage:

337143 Well that won't be hard too do.

Guys, I'm thinking of making a parody of EG. One that sucks less! :ajbemused:

I want to thank all the ones who had joined this groups. Let's make hear it loud and clear how much this movie is an offense to the show! :rainbowdetermined2:

335849 Like Nostalgia critic said "Well im not one who disagree with others people opinions ... unless they are stupid and mind dumb". Remarks aside, i probably should'nt give so much hatred on something that dosen't deserve such strong feeling, but the thing is that i feel like EQG is insulting both the intelligence of the fanbase and to the original work of FIM.
And the reason that i open this group is because people to the other group do not want to talk about it. I, in the other hand, i feel i want to actually debate instead of shutting my ears and screaming out loud "LALALALALALALALALALALALALAL" Trying to ignore it.

335831 I'm just voicing my opinion mate, I'm no sadist. It's still quite hilarious of how much raw hate you have for this movie. But I have to ask, why'd you make this group when there are already a few other groups like this? It seems like you have an obsession of hating this movie.

335782 The grammar problems can be fixed, and nitpickings? Are you serious? It's far more than nitpickings when the characters are rock-dumb stupid, the story is one mega-super-hyper clichè of an Highschool clichè and that is full of non-explained stuff, just the fact that takes all the hard work that Lauren Faust did to give us a good and original show and it flush it down in the toilet and the love interest is actually worst than the Twilight saga. Yeah, i went there!
But please, if you want to complain of how much this group is a waste of space, why don't you go and tell what you think in the group "Equestria Girls Never Happened"? Or are you a chicken? :rainbowlaugh:

335759 >implying it takes me time to write a comment.
Still, you provide little to no argument on why it actually was a bad movie, all you're really doing is nitpicking the living shit out of the things you didn't like. If you provided some actual insight (with better grammar to boot) I wouldn't make such a fuss about it.

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335767 I already thought enough of what you and others "think" and it's just a sign that mankind should have gone extinct in 2012 :ajbemused: .

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335761 So why exactly are you posting here?
It's like if a Rainbow Dash-Hater just goes in a topic where the character get praised and write bad things about her. Just saiying. :moustache:

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335681 Why if this group is a waste of space you actually wasted time writing a question? :trollestia:

335662 Read my blog, you will find plenty of good reason of why it sucks.

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