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Do you think something went amiss when Lauren Faust left the show? That the entirety of Season 1 and those episodes of Season 2 in which she worked are the golden standard for what My Little Pony represents, and that everything that came after is hit or miss or just plainly not that good? Then this group is for you!

Cover art and group icon: Fausticorn by Haylizbeth.

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Just the group I was looking for. I really should have searched for this years ago!

I loathe what the nu-writers did to Applejack and Rainbow Dash.

Applejack was the one good western role model in western cartoons, and Rainbow Dash was who Faust liked the most.

361406 Been putting some thought into the "why" I've haven't. Watching MLP reminds me of someone. Loss. Don't want to be stuck there but I am. Maybe? Being on this site gets hard but at least I can read at my own pace because it keeps me fighting sane.

Well, you can easily torrent the episodes from a site such as YayPonies (it's safer to google the term). The quality is excellent, way better than watching in YouTube or DailyMotion, since they're rips of the iTunes ones and some even come with fixes to problems present in the original, such as better sound.

I myself would have purchased them all, even the bad ones, instead of torrenting, weren't for the fact Hasbro geographically restricts their sale and hence that they're unavailable in my country.

To be honest, I've only saw season one, season two and the first ep. of season three(youtube). I've not watched the rest of the show. Not because I'm a d-bag (but mostly likely I am), but because I don't have Netflix. I feel weird watching MLP on YouTube. All my info about MLP:FIM past season two is second hand. Really need to buck up and just watch the rest of the show.

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