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*Cricket chirp* · 9:36am May 28th, 2019

Ok, given the outstanding amount of votes, I've decided to post the story right away.
Hopefully to write the last chapters won't take too darn long.

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In short, yes.
Fanfictions nowadays interest me more than the actual show and I still follow groups which talks about how MLP quality dropped because elsewhere you would look like a jerk.

Is it considered "following" if you're still on this site or writing fics while not watching the episodes?

Ah, crap :twilightoops:, sorry for the outburst :twilightsheepish:.
For the question, I don't know what you're talking about, I don't follow MLP anymore.

What I meant to ask is if you meant about Moonie caring more about a party than the date of the world.

I can't really say that much because I haven't seen that episode.
The thing is that, while they may be both good episode on the outside, is when you noticed the small problems on the inside it starts to be less enjoyable.
The Perfect Pair suffer from being an overdramatic episode to introduce, 7 season away (!) the Applejack parents. And without mention the continuity errors (The Oranges uncles introduced way back in Season 1) and the whole peach vs apple thing that was a meme when the show started.
Amending Fences is a bit complicated to explain, you should check out JawJoe and his recent work to have a good explanation why the episode isn't as good as it seems. What I can say is that Twilight suddenly remembering all this characters sounds more like the writers themselves came out with the idea and wrote down the episode without putting much thought of how the moral should have played.
That said, both episode are still better than what we got until now since Season 3 started.

  • Viewing 27 - 31 of 31
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