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Goodbye FIMFiction · 3:36pm Apr 26th, 2015

I'm done. I have no interest in this fandom anymore. This isn't about me being bitter or thinking everyone's an idiot, I simply don't care anymore. I moved on. Was my stay a good one. Yes it was as it help me with my own ideas and got me involved in a fan-project. Would I miss it. Probably not because of the way the fandom is going, I glad I'm getting out while I can.

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List of reviews · 2:33pm Feb 23rd, 2015

Here's a list of review I made. anything not link is a game I'm currently playing.
Assassins Creed 2(PS3)
Bionicle: the Video Game(PS2)
Child of Light(PS3)

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I'm got the trial version of an RPG maker and I'm gonna make a demo. Due to trial limitations I can't so too much. Mainly the plan is three dungeons and a party of 6.

You said it would be an RPG fic, what exactly did you mean by that?

I must say, I'm intrigued.

I was going to post a blog about it after posting my Fanfic's next chapter but I guess I can tell you a few things.
The main premise is that Spike meets a group of demons near the Crystal Empire and they plan to overthrow the "evil" Princess Cadence. After that they get to Ponyville, Spike gets drag along into Everfree with the demons who decide to get the Elements and destroy the forest. Because of this, they must now tame the monsters who fleed along with fighting psychopaths, conspiracies, and even the censors.
For Twilight, she's currently struggle to balance her friends and her responsibilities and she goes through a lot in the game. The deaths of Cadence and Shinning Armour and the destruction of Everfree forest really piss her off and that's just early in the story.
Cadence and Shinning go hand and hand. Cadence basically brainwashed everyone into thinking she was a good person when she's actually a manipulative bitch, worse than Celestia turns out to be. She even thought about killing Twilight when she starting talking to Shining but then decide to convince them they were brother and sister as killing the girl she babysits would be too suspicious. I have this seven sin theme going through he story and she's the sin of Pride
I had three idea on who the main villain should be. Either Celestia, a big demon or Zombie Starswirl the Bearded. I decided to use Celestia as it fit better into the story idea. The main words to describe her would be "not right." Nothing she dose in the past few months makes any sence and nobody even noticed until the outsiders points it out as they heard story of her being a kind-hearted queen, not someone who can't hold a fight against a giant bug or keeps important details to themselves. It's almost like she's a different person.:trixieshiftleft:

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