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This group is for folks who absolutely HATE the unicorn known as Starlight Glimmer, who by the way... can kiss my BUTT:twilightangry2:. I will NEVER forgive her for what she did to the Mane 6, she hurt them, stole their cutie marks and dismissed what Twilight was trying to tell her as 'sentimental nonsense', wow is she an idiot!

Plus the way she yelled at Twilight... man does someone need a hug. And her views on friendship SO wrong and her ranting makes her look INSANE, which she probably is and she had NO RIGHT to do what she did to them and keep them there against their will until they agreed, I mean she took away part of what makes them... them, and that's just cruel.

By the way I also hate that she was able to escape and tried to run off with the Mane 6's cutie marks, what a coward, plus it's not cool to take something that doesn't belong to you, you know?

She's a scum sucking, rude little WITCH and I would enjoy watching her go DOWN!

And then she's begins stalking Twilight (creepy btw) and went back and stropped the rainboom from happening, preventing the Mane 6 from getting their cutie marks and becoming friends.

And in a supreme act of selfishness she nearly destroyed all of history! Filled Equestria with misery and strife each time a new timeline was created, each moments away from destruction and she continued to blame Twilight. for it? Man... she was really willing to ruin everypony's lives just to get even with them? She truly is despicable... isn't she?

Also, after all that time watching them she didn't learn a thing, she knows nothing about them and how they are important to Equestria, that they were chosen by the Elements of Harmony because of their skills, character and their differences which is important in making a friendship strong, something she will never understand. Reason? Because she's nutsy-koo-koo:derpyderp2:.

And all because her old childhood friend left her, and while I admit that it is sad and I do feel a bit sorry for her, that's still doesn't excuse what she's done. Plus she didn't even try to track him down, I'd think something like that would be a cinch for somepony like her, since she tracked down and followed Twilight around like a crazy stalker most of the season.

To me, she's a stubborn quitter who lacks elegance and knows nothing about friendship, if she did and wasn't such a coward and a quitter maybe things would have been different.

I also think Twilight and the others went a little bit easy on her and while it's important to keep your enemies closer they should have at least given her some kind of punishment, like clean the whole castle maybe? A thirty day trial period? Anything!

Yeah, I don't really fully share Twilight's taste for forgiveness, to me she can be a bit soft. To me, there are always consequences, especially when a person's actions affect everyone.

Not to mention that while she is talented I refuse to admit she's stronger than Twilight, their magic battle didn't even have a conclusion, so we'll really never know.

They say she's reformed now but I'm still not willing to forgive her. Heck, even after her 'reformation' she continuously tried to weasel out of reuniting with Sunburst and clearly still has some issues to work out.

If anyone agrees with me on this I humbly ask you to join and/or add a story featuring Starlight getting what she deserves.

Rules are simple; no spam, no bullying, no swearing and no mocking other writers or this group, breaking these rules so will get you banned.

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I always call her HiMMler.
And ond friend of mine from Russian MLP community gave her very good name psychopathic/Hysterical Horse which I would like to popularize.

HELLO THERE! Do you hate Starlight Glimmer? Or, as I like to call her, Tardlight Shitter?

GOOD NEWS, there's a scene in this fanfic of mine where this character loses her "Mary Sue" status, allowing others to admit how much they hate her, and kick her ass! https://www.fimfiction.net/story/224996/silver-star-apple-and-the-search-for-more-money-love-the-meaning-of-life-and-magical-cards

One more piece of hypocrisy, Starlight Glimmer's life was saved when a young foal discovered his talent. He then moved on with his life, while she didn't. She blamed cutie marks for everything, and chose to dedicate her life to repressing individuality and cutie marks with her cult town, so no foal could ever save a friend's life and develop a cutie mark and save a friend's life again.

I respect that you looked deeper, but Glimmer's motivations for doing bad things are shallow. She lost one friend when he developed and demonstrated a talent she, at the time, did not have. He was whisked away to a school, leaving her behind, and she never sent any letters to him, or thought to visit him during holidays. And she never moved on and made any new friends. She made a village where the ideas of talent and individuality and competition and self-improvement were openly banned. And she bullied and exploited the ponies in that town(Who farms? Who cooks? Who cleans? Not Glimmer, she has cultists for that) for years.

Glimmer's still an evil pony who did evil things. She might have "Good" motivations for doing evil and stupid things, but her actions are still evil overall and she didn't really show any interest in redeeming herself properly, only in getting forgiven. In-show, that is. Of course, in fanfics, you can have her feel real guilt and redeem herself properly if you want. You could even give her a lantern ring and omnitrix, plop her into the Naruto world, and have her learn the real magic of friendship between fights against zombie ninjas. That's part of what makes fanfics cool.


She's the worst character. Anyone who feels the same way, join my Discord chat! It's called Glimmer Is Worst Pony!

007Ben #39 · March 18th · · 1 ·

I'll give you that. There was definitely a pacing problem. Too much of the fallen timelines and not nearly enough of Starlight's backstory. It made her come across as shallow, jaded, and unable to get over something that (either by accident or design (hopefully by accident)) came across as petty.

007Ben #38 · March 18th · · 3 ·

Hi. I was wondering: I wrote a story wherein I had Twilight make Starlight watch an alternate timeline fall apart. I started it out enjoying it, tormenting Starlight with lines like:

[Her] stare fell cold on Starlight Glimmer, and sent the most wicked chill down her spine, from the top of her neck to the very last tailbone.

I mean, she had it coming. You can't just Barry Allen the timeline--especially not after they've saved you and everypony else from a half dozen supervillains--and expect everything to be hunky-dory ten years later (give or take).

But the problem is, as I wrote, I had to ask why Starlight did everything she did so I could, you know, have some dialogue between her and Twilight. "You can't do this, Starlight." "Yes I can, and here's why." I needed the "here's why." So basically, my fanfic turned into a character study of Starlight Glimmer.

What I found was a pony who was actually a lot like Twilight, and was actually trying to stand up for friendship-y ideals (at least before she went on her revenge spree). Villagers? She calls them friends. Lost a friend to a cutie mark? Take all the cutie marks! Because friendship! Of course it's wrong, but I found she wasn't this horrible pony I wanted to make her out to be. And that made writing harder because I had to actually break her.

“All my life I’ve believed that our cutie marks made us all so different that we couldn’t live together in harmony."

(Twilight) “And you’re not sure if you should believe [my philosophy instead]?”

“I’m not sure that I want to!” she said as the tears trickled from her eyes. “I’d have to give up everything I’ve ever held as truth and start over from scratch!”

So the tl;dr of it all is, since I genuinely tried to write an "I-hate-Starlight" fanfic and in the process of actually studying her changed their mind, is this a group for me and people like me?

Any opinions I have of characters I won't take to the actors ro voice actresses

I never think harassing someone because of a character they play is acceptable

Have any of you actually met Kelly Sheridan in person like I have:ajbemused:? She turned out to be quite pleasant, sweet, and indeed very sane. Don't you know pure hatred on a fictional cartoon character is very unhealthy when reality is concerned:facehoof:.

Hopeful Soul just formed this group because he's an extremely un-productive basement-dweller who takes his frustrations of the real world out on animated ponies or humans like the man-child he is(*cough* Chris Chan *cough*). Also he's just being an attention whore which is just plain sad:ajsleepy:.

It's ironic that he wishes to be a screenwriter, but yet he hasn't blogged about even making an effort to write one. Even a short three minute one would count. Instead he just decides to stay inside the walls he's build up around himself, too afraid to talk to actual people except kin. No doubt this was due for not getting professional help as early as possible when signs of autism were clearly present.

Luckily I did, and it helped a lot. I guess that's why I don't view Starlight in a blind one-dimensional view. True her motive for becoming a villain was quite underwhelming at first glance, but I kept an open mind as to what was possibly going through her head at that time. Apparently a AMWDW video helped give a more clear perspective on the matter.

Sure Starlight was voiced by fan voice actress, Ashley H, but she did a swell job of portraying the character very well. People like DW are definitely one of the most legit analysts in the brony community. Hopeful Soul on the other hand is a complete amateur because of narrow thinking. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if his reason for hating Starlight is because he views her as a mockery for his own real-life social experiences that went sour:trixieshiftright:.

That is all.
*Promptly leaves group*

I honestly don't understand how anybody could like her

-flips off at the Starlight Glimmer Haters-


Just joined to say you are all a bunch of whiny little fags who don't know a good character when you see her. Bye. 😈

And unjoining. 😈

How did this get marked NSFW?

you forgot to put down that sunset should have been twilight student not starlight,

They're just like the Beliebers in my opinion and Starlight pretty much to be is the Justin Beiber (not counting that Beiber pony) of the MLP series.

That sounds about right

That's called starlight fans if we say anything about starlight they would Attack us.

I keep seeing people asking "who are so many people Hating of Starlight?" And I'm like; WHERE? Everywhere I go I see people kissing her ass and acting like she's the best thing to happen to the show. :facehoof:

I really Hope they ditch her somewhere down the line.

joining because starlight will not be forgiven after what she did to the main 6.

Joining because I'm not a fan of Starlight, the most overrated MLP character, myself and though I said I'm neutral over her she just frustrates me to the point where I may as well say I hate her. I don't hate her as much as Radiant Hope from Siege of the Crystal Empire but still, it's like she hasn't learned anything nor improved at all.

And considering how horrible her behavior is, all I will say is, in another Earth in another universe, Hitomi Kanzai weeps, wondering what the fuck she is even doing with her life (probably only anime fans will get this though):

And huh, two fans of her who can't handle opinions downvoted me.

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