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So, for whatever reason you find yourself feeling very unhappy with the famous brony-related website. Perhaps, you don't like the website's formatting and the way in which you have to operate it to use it. Perhaps, you don't like the rules about what material gets allowed versus the material that gets zapped to the moon. Perhaps, you're sick and tired of the user base of the people that post there and all of the asinine, mean, pointless, et cetera things that get said back and forth. Perhaps, your story got rejected in a manner that was transparently insulting, unfair, or otherwise applying a different standard to you versus other authors. Perhaps, you've written something about a certain subject material that faced mindless hate. Perhaps, the color scheme just looks bad to you. You just can't stand the use of Blogger. You find the Trixie obsession annoying. I can go on and on.

Well, this group is for you. I don't care why you dislike Equestria Daily. The point is: you do. And so do I. Thanks for reading. If you choose to join, than thanks once again. Please post to your hearts content about what you feel.

P.S. I know that "I Hate Equestria Daily" is not accurate since this is about merely "disliking" the site, and it's meant as a place for civil discussion rather than anti-site flaming. Consider the title a misnomer-- like how the cereal Grape Nuts does not contain grapes (nor nuts) *What's the deal? / Jerry Seinfeld pose*

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One thing I can't stand about Equestria Daily is all the speculation they post on there. Something that comes out that may be a possible spoiler for the future, they just have to post it....even if the chances of it being true are slim to none.

I apparently was banned by Sethisto himself, after reporting one last time about an on-going issue (even if minor) with the website... which apparently he ''Doesn't care, since it's minor, so he's not obligated to do anything, even though it could be solved in 30 freaking seconds !''

Oh, before that he also systematically went through the last 3-4 weeks and mass-deleted ANYTHING related to the issue I was reporting.
...and then some people have the GAL to say that's not censorship ?!

... Hmm. I'm the 666th member. :rainbowlaugh:

Anyways... yeah. I highly dislike EQD because of the people that run it.

I don't hate EQD ENTIRELY, but jesus christ, most of the people on there are horrible. They're also biased on what things they accept, which is BS. :flutterrage:

I may not have ever submitted a story to ED (and if the comments here are true, I'm glad I didn't :pinkiegasp:), I don't like the way they are biased to certain pairs (and some of the artwork they started allowing around the time I stopped using the site :rainbowderp:) .

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I don't really HATE Equestria Daily, but I don't really LOVE them. I like to go to the website whenever I want to find something interesting. Like a video or some fan art or something. But there's still the fact of two fics of mine being rejected and they sure did feel okay being vague about what to fix.

368192 I feel the pain too man.

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I got banned from EQD for telling an admin I didn't want to rape a horse.

Have my follow!

I keep submitting one of my stories, but I don't get rejected, I keep being told that there's an error with my submission.

I've had three other people submit my story, and they get the same result so I know its not me.


370803 Back in June. Two months ago.

How long ago did you ask for feedback? Last time I did it, it took three days until I obtained a response.

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