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Some random things about me...

My real name is Mistie

I am 16 years old

My birthday is November 24th

Stalk me on social media!
YouTube (I don't upload anything I just have an account to sub, like and comment

That's all you're getting for now :P

I am a Grammar Nazi. (Kind of)

I live in Canada.

I LOVE beauty, fashion & makeup! (including nail art)

I am asian

Rainbow Dash is my fave pony.

I don't write, you don't want to see my "Stories." They're horrible.

I have mild social anxieties :-(

I am REALLY IMMATURE. (Seriously, I act like a freakin' eight year old sometimes)

I am a YouTube obsessed nutcase

My hobbies (Besides the Internet lol) are painting my nails and shopping. And painting my nails. I also like painting my nails. Oh, i forgot to mention, painting my nails.

I am a crazy fangirl


Fave fanfic so far: The Sisters Doo This was the second story I've ever read on FIMfiction and it's still my favourite. (Seriously, check it out... It's freaking awesome!)

I see RD and Scoots as sisters :D (Yes, that means I do not support Scootadopt or any other mother/daughter thing but I'm just one person and it's my opinion :D)

My ultimate #1OTP: Soarindash :rainbowkiss:[insert Soarin emoji here]

Other ships I like are:♥♥♥♥ TWILUNA ♥♥♥♥ Fluttermac, Dislestia I kind of like TwiJack a little :3

Least fave ships: Soarinjack, Twidash, Braemac, all incest ones, most mane 6 ones (And no, I do not like Rainbow Dash lesbian ships. I am NOT homophobic, and if you're insulted by this, please remember that it's just an opinion and I'm just one person...)

Craziest ship that i can think of but don't know if other people ship (The fandom can be WEIRD): Chrysalis and errrmmmm Sweetie Belle, Soarin... and... fluttershy... Daring do... and Ahuizotl...(I think this might actually be shipped O.O)(Same with the Soarin Fluttershy thing)
Luna, poundcake, carrot cake as a 3some. Fluttershy and uhhhhhhhhh snips.

Awesome ship i can think of but don't know if other people ship: Daring Do and Soarin :rainbowwild:

A ship (mostly) everyone loves but I don't: The mane 6 shippings especially TWIDASH and don't hate on me 'tis MY opinion and there's nothing you can do about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I need more exclaimation marks but i'm lazy)

A ship (mostly) everyone hates but I don't: SoarinDash. Why are people sayng it's overrated? It's underrated. It isnt even all that popular. TwiDash is overrated IMO.

My pet peeve: People that are wrong about something way too obvious but think they're right

What I like: Ponies

What I love: Ponies

What I dislike: People who are full of themselves or boast too much
(Ironically, Rainbow Dash is my favorite pony)

What I hate: Rude strangers and racist people

Some good things about MLP (In my opinion):
-It's cute
-It's happy, I guess?
-It has a good, interesting plot (At least most of the time...)
-I like the easter eggs :P

Some bad thing about MLP (In my opinion):
-I honestly think MLP isn't as great as it used to be. The season 1-4 episodes were awesome, but I honestly think the others are just meh)
-Starlight Glimmer was forgiven WAY too easily. (Sorry, I had to be specific)
-There's a lot of plot holes
-It's TOO happy (But, what'd I expect out of a little girls' show?)

I'm a "Happy" person, I won't hate on you, I try to stay positive :) (I will not be mean and I will not get in or start an argument. (Unless you're racist haha)

Bye thats it whoever may be reading this

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