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This group is for fans and stories about ponies playing it or something like that.

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New IO Server

Merhaba Ailesi, Bugün Serverini sizlere tanıtmaya çalışacağım. Serveri özellikleri:
Büyük ve Bol Yemli Serverleri,
Sohbet sistemi aktif,
Skin seçme aktif ve birçok daha özellikle karşınızda.
Site adresi :

agario linkine tıklayarak siteye gidebilirsiniz.

This group is Thingpone approved. The assimilation must be absolute.

403196 just simple sounds nothing complex since well complex sounds take away from the simple game

403185 me too. I'm surprised there still isn't no sound though, I think if he added sound it make it much better

I had too join. I was one of very few who played this before all the big youtubers played it. There wasn't a lot and the servers were different back then.

That's why I had too be the first. If you know what I mean.:rainbowwild:

403169 for me i'm surprised no one has done it yet?

I just realized Equality made this group... D*mn Communists.:rainbowwild:

The most addictive game on earth. Aww shit.

403155 because it's like a drug once you start you just can't stop.

Why is this so addictive! :twilightangry2:

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