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Welcome to Twilight's Reviews!

Here, we review any story you place in the "Under Review" folder. Once we have our reviewers, our moderators, and contributors, review your story, it'll go into one of the folders titled, "Best Reads", stories that are the best in the group, "Great Reads", stories that aren't exactly the best but very close to it, "Good Reads", the average stories, and "Working Reads", stories that could use a little work to make it better.

And don't forget that Twilight's Reviews is a great place to advertise! Our group may be named for reviews, but we also focus on promotions! It can be a story, group or anything! You could even spread the word around, too! Need a proofreader or editor? This is the place for you!


1. Treat others with respect. This goes without saying.

2. When promoting something or asking to edit, please provide the basic information. Don't say, 'please check out my story, here's the link'. We want our group members to know what they're seeing.

3. Follow site rules

4.Place Stories in correct folder. It makes reviewing stories that much easier and so we know how far along your story is.

Anyone who breaks any of these rules will receive 3 warnings then a ban.

Rules/Changes updated as of 9/20/16

-Melody Dream
-Sparking Justice(Currently not available)
-Munazza (Currently not available)
- Saberking2012
(currently unavailable)
-Novelette Glory

-TomTheGamer (currenly not available)
-Sparkletop Rainbows (Leader of group)

Have fun, and don't forget to read our stories! :twilightsmile:

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Is this group active?

I was not aware that I was an admin here until I noticed a certain button on my group page. :twilightblush:

411892 We will consider it once the leader gets on. Thanks for the input

marks error

it mark error


In the "Under Review'' folder.

where i put a history i want to be revised

Why not make another folder in which people who need editors or proof readers can add their stories??

Interesting :duck:... I shall see what becomes of this group, and I hope it's good :twilightsmile:.

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