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Citrine Star

School life is filled with way too many exams and assessments at the moment... I swear it's a shared objective jest among the teachers to "Study the student bodies's BRAINS out!" :P... :D!

Me When I Get Another Follower, Like or Fave

This is How I React to Meanies

The Teenage Ramblings!

Hola everyone! I welcome you warmly to my user page :pinkiehappy:.

I'm the thirteen year old Citrine Star and am a British Pegasister (No I do not have that stereotypical 'posh' accident you might thinking off :trixieshiftleft:! Nor am I any lady - I'd be a terrible lady with proper manner... I probably shouldn't be admitting to that :derpytongue2:...)

I'm just another regular girl who loves to write and read MLP fan fiction, so, that's about it really :duck:.

Yep, that's the bland description of me :unsuresweetie:...

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Thanks for stalking following me :pinkiecrazy:
Happy to be somebunny worth keeping an eye on :yay:

Thanks for the follow! :yay:

No no, it's fine :twilightsmile:. I was just curious.

Yeah, I don't mind explaining my reasoning. First, you commented on my story and I checked out your page and decided to follow you. I can totally in unfollow you if youd like me too, nbd.

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