“You bear the Element of Honesty. Ha! You’re the most honest, most loyal, most generous, most kind pony I know. Heck, you can even be funny when you want to be. You’re every Element of Harmony, all rolled into one, and you’re so modest and selfless that you don’t even know it... And you don’t need some silly magic to hold it together. You’re just… perfect." --Applejack Anonymous by Clavier

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I've got a story where every mane 6 has a solo adventure (so Applejack too of course), can it be added here or does the whole story need to revolve around Applejack?

I've been really lax lately due to [OTHER THINGS]. I need to take some time and add a few more of the recent(within 6 months) stories I haven't been paying attention to and shift a few things around.


The link just takes me to YouTube main page.




It'll get there eventually. I have it set that anyone can post in the main folder, but me or a few others can also post stories in the others. Had a problem before where a few individuals were posting them in all folders.

OOps, i meant to put that in shipping!:twilightblush:

I became part of this group quite a while back, but forgot to ask: Do I have to post my pieces here since I'm a member? Or is it optional??


I am fine with that. Just make sure it's in "Other Apples."

Query: For the purposes of this group, Winona on her own constitute an Apple? I'd hate to post a fic that technically shouldn't be here...

I'm joining this group for my love of AJ. She just doesn't get the credit she deserves so it's up to us the fans to rectify that Applejack forevs:ajsmug:

Welcome all new members! I've been busy catching up and knocked almost all my reading. :ajsleepy:

God, then I stay, becuse I LOVE the Apple family, and then I mean the HOLE family, and not just the ones in Ponyville! And yes, Apple Jack isn't Apple Jack without the rest of the family! And for strange words, stupid auto correct!:twilightangry2:



No, you don't. Just Applejack and the Apples. :eeyup:

Alicorn Applejack is just how this group started. After reading more fimfics, I added the other categories and then realized AJ isn't AJ without the other Apples. :ajsmug:

keam #23 · Dec 11th, 2013 · · 1 ·

Do you have to like alicorn Apple Jack to be in this group? Because then I will imidiatly leave, since I HATE the thought of an alicorn Apple jack!:twilightangry2:

Do you have to like alicorn Apple Jack to be in this group? Because then I will imidiatly leave, since I HATE the thought of an alicorn Apple jack!:twilightangry2:


Welcome to the group! Glad to have you and now I need to check your stuff out.

My first view of mlp of any kind was The Last Roundup. My daughter wanted to show me some pony named Derpy (?)
"Yeah, whatever honey" That was 4 or 5 months ago.

3 weeks ago I posted my first PMV (Pmv Dashie jet)
5 hours ago I submitted the first chapter (It's All Too Much - 10,000+ words) of my first fanfic (Tomorrow Never Knows)
Inspired by Clavier's "Applejack Anonymous". So when I saw the quote for this group I had to join.
Back to The Last Roundup - "Oh look at that cute little pony with the hat, crossing her little pony legs like that" Little did I know that after watching the rest of season 2 I would gladly peel 5 trees full of apples from Sweet Apple Acres just for the privilege of spending a day with that little pony.
Thanks to all you bronies.

Woohoo! 140 readers! :ajsmug:

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