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Chronic reader, author errant, general purpose nuisance, perpetrator of shameless popery, pernciously prodigious punster, and a bit of a fool.

Just a bit about me.

I've always been a voracious reader, I was that one kid who read every single Hardy Boys book in the library.

Stories. Could never get enough.

I've munched my way through the Mortal Engines quartet, seen gods and mortals through the Stargate, nibbled at A Song of Ice and Fire, watched drama unfold aboard a Firefly-class freighter, followed the Destroyermen through the Squall, soared with Silverwing, watched The Change take the Emberverse, seen the wonders of the Cosmere, and of course been through Hell's Gate.

I wound up trying a certain Fallout crossover on recommendation from TvTropes, and things precipitated from there! Fallout: Equestria sucked me in, and since then I've been reading MLP-fic with all the old gusto.

This, however, came with a problem: I found out I'm just a bit on the nit-picky side so far as what I read is concerned. In the world of published fiction this isn't normally an issue, but as I delved into fan-fic I discovered that certain things, a tired story concept, disjointed structure, or bad grammar, would knock me right out of a story, and I wouldn't enjoy it. Eventually I ran out of stories that didn't do this to me, so I fell into a funk until while reading a sub-par piece of writing I thought to myself "Hey, I could write better than this! How hard could it be?"

I found out, soon enough, but you can see the fruits of that labor below.

I also contribute to the MLP Time Loops, which were originally written by Saphroneth and now include a bunch of other, more-awesome-than-me authors.

My own work


Elmagnifico reacts to Rainbow Rocks · 6:52am Nov 7th, 2014

Since I really don't have anywhere better to share this, going to put my initial thoughts about the new movie here.

-The Dazzlings specifically say "Equestrian Magic" is what is missing from the mirror-world. Makes me wonder if there are other sorts of magic there, which puts me in a mind for a Dresden crossover of some sort...

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Thanks mate, it's always nice to know when someone likes my work. Hope you enjoy the coming chapters as much as the first three.

While I'm not thanking you for a fave, I thought I would stop by and say a few words. So, I just happen to stumble across Collie of the Wind today... WOW! You've got my attention! I couldn't tear my eyes away from it and was really depressed when I finished the third chapter. I need more! Keep up the good work mate and bravo on an unfamiliar and intriguing concept! :twilightsmile:


It would not surprise me. It has been a LONG time since I worked on Discord's Gate.

Be forewarned that it's not my best work, and that I'm working on a reboot with the lessons I've learned about storytelling since then...

Honestly, you had commented the same thing on someone elses page( I do not recall whom, simply that they had commented on something of mine) you asked why/how they came across it, and the title alone was enough to catch my interest. I havent had time to read more than the first chapter, but from what I've read, I am heavily intrigued. I cant wait till I have time to devote to absorbing it. :yay:

Thank you so much for favoriting my story! :twilightsmile:
Though I guess the like will be a long time coming...:raritywink:

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