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Ponky is a pegasus pianist who visits Sugarcube Corner every morning for a breakfast muffin on the way to work at the local theater. He is good friends with Pinkie Pie, but nothing else... right? It's hard to tell, when the object of your potential affection is Pinkie Pie!

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Isn't this... meta? :applejackconfused:

I'm so confused!

Wow, this got up fast. I have to say though, while it may get close on the whole "Stories that are clearly written as an in-joke between a group of people with little relevance to those outside the group, colloquially known as 'circle-jerking.'" rule, if this goes they way you described earlier, I don't see any problems with it.

The story itself is pretty simple and light-hearted. I think a lot of the people who know what's been going around with the SATGF group will appreciate it, but it should still be a bit of fun for the random fimfic viewer. :ponkyshrug: In any case, I had fun reading it.

Mmm good point there. Props, you should totally shop in the OC pony that someone animated and colored for Ponky in! Get to those image-editing skills!


Fixed the image! There, now it doesn't look like human/pony romance.

It's not exactly meta. I've put people's OC's into ponyville, but i'm not really commenting on it other than that. Some similarities may be noticed, sure, but I'm not going to actually delve into the meta-trap or go down into circle-jerking. As a matter of fact, after this chapter, we won't see much of any of the other OC's aside from Ponky, our protagonist for the next two chapters. After that, the viewpoint switches to Pinkie Pie for the last three chapters, and then we're done.

This isn't serious. It's a gift for a friend, nothing more! :pinkiehappy:

Oh, I know it's not serious. But it just seemed like it was, you know, meta. :applejackconfused:

Whelp, when "Ponky" is the first word I read in the description, I know its going to be an interesting ride...


Certainly a little meta happening, but it's more like I've ponified a few friends and dropped them into Ponyville in roles that don't at all reflect what they actually do in real life, excepting Ponky (and, really, Purple Prose, though he'd have to work at a video game store for this to get REALLY meta).

Small Edit, for anti-meta's sake: a name has been changed to "Forceful Will".

Well well well... this should be something. Ending prediction locked (as if it was even TRYING to be a secret), cameos identified, Ponky pleasantly plonked parallel to Pinky...

I smells them muffins. No really, I do. Got some appley, cinnamony muffins right over here. They're gonna be delicious.

They really are the best muffins.

off to read.....


Wondering when you'd join the party. Surprise! :pinkiehappy:

1737122 I'm literally hyperventilating, and I'm only at the title (which I have a funny story to tell you about, btw).




I've never been this happy in my entire freaking life I don't know how I can every thank you or repay for this wonderful gift I'll eagerly await every chapter and I really hope it gets done before I go on my mission and if not just send the manuscripts to me in Italy and I'll read them over and over and giggle and be so freaking super-duper happy for the rest of my life!

Purple Prose and Pinkie Pie... the loves of my life.

I adored the characterizations, and I'm sad to see the other OCs won't be in the rest of the fic. :ponkysad: But I understand, you're keeping this short and tailored... very tailored, considering my mentioned lack of width.

WOW! This is seriously so good. This could have been a really dumb thing, but you're making it an actual story instead of a pure joke, and that makes it fun and -- as was said -- potentially interesting to any reader.

You're the man, Props. Seriously. I'll never forget this, and I owe you one big time. Seriously, I adore how you've written Ponky (and everypony else), and that you're acting as the level headed friend. Gaaah, this is so cute! I couldn't even breath through half the thing for all the hnnnnnnging!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!

Absolutely, you're more than welcome. I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

What was fun for me was trying to guess the OCs (not terribly hard, but still fun). I think this shall be a cute read.:yay: Count me in for Ponkyness:twistnerd:

Also I could really use a muffin now:derpytongue2:

This was brilliant. I eagerly await each new chapter.

Even if this is meta it is embedded so deeply the reader doesn't need outside information to appreciate the story. If all the other OC's are part of some inside joke or organization it wouldn't matter to me, cause despite not being on the 'inside' I can still appreciate the story for what it is; a simple romance written extremely well.

As long as the author explains anything considered 'inside' this story will continue to be awesome.

Finally, I just want to reiterate. This is extremely well written. You manage to suggest emotion through dialogue instead of describe them which is a marking of a great author. I can feel the quirks of the conversation that most written dialogue is devoid of because of the limitation of language. I'm not only favoriting this but I'm definitely watching you.

I just realized I haven't set you to my Watch list.
I am rectifying this incredible dereliction of duty immediately, and then reading your story.

At last, my ambitions are realized: to be immortalized as a sarcastic ghei poni.

You always write the best Pinkie Pie. Thankfully it's not something that I'm envious about, but I covet everything else about your work.

Also, where is Worsty?

Pretty entertaining short read! Characterizations were pretty awesome since you get a feel for them easily, but so many characters made it hard to follow at times (that's probably just me though :twilightblush:). Ponky will need to be prepared to go before the gauntlet of The Elements. Goddess knows how awful that can be. I'll continue to support :raritywink:!

That was a nice, light-hearted read. The story on its own was pleasant and engaging, while the little cameos added a nice touch of humour to it. I think I'm going to enjoy this one a lot :pinkiehappy:

I find this fantastic. And a lot of others do too, which is great. I wonder if anyone else enjoys it.


I do wonder ever so much...

Please continue the awesomeness, kind stranger.

I think my heart exploded from the cuteness. Oh well.


Yes, it was quite messy. Luckily I had a spare heart which spontaneously generated out of sheer delight and force of will. Like "Oh my god, so cute!"

*heart explodes*

Well, that was messy.

*Looks down*

Oh hey look, a new one. Is that... cotton candy? Hm.


And the feel-goods continue :pinkiesmile:
Good work on the dialogue, from what writing I've done, managing 6 characters in one conversation can be kinda daunting, but you pulled it off and made it seem quite natural. I can say for sure, that I am looking forwards to more :pinkiehappy:

Cool! Glad you're enjoying it! :twilightsmile:

Yes, very natural. You have such a charm to your writing, and you make things so lung-stoppingly cute. Gaaaah, it's all so adorable! I just lurve it so much!!! And really, your characterizations of the Mane Six -- and me, for that matter! -- are dead-on, which makes this all the more delightful and thoroughly entertaining.

Also, I'm constantly impressed with your balance of making it a good story in and of itself, and tailoring it to me :twilightsmile: like with "gypsy magic" -- which could be appreciated by everyone, but you know how much I love referencing Witchcraft -- and all the ridiculous compliments that fit the story way too well, and... well, you get it.

Again, I laughed aloud several times, and my heart is as warm as an 800 degree oven. Adorableness is a great way to start a day. Thanks again for being so quick about it without losing any quality!!

Great work. And the pie fights are going to be hilarious. I just know it.:pinkiehappy:

Great chapter! I laughed so hard at the "Sometimes, you gotta write a pie fight" line I had to put my tablet down! I feel liker I can relate to that so much :derpytongue2:. Keep up the great work :raritywink:!

Not bad. So far. I look forward to seeing where you go with this.


The D'awwww shall never be stopped. It shall become an unstoppable force of cuteness and adorableness, the likes of which this world has never before seen. Feast your eyes anew upon this masterpiece, and tremble before its greatness.

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