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Hope is the faith of the young. Losing everything she holds dear, Puppysmiles embarks on the adventure of her life to find her mother, her hopes of meeting her again driving her through the horrors of a world not of her making. Too bad the Wastelands doesn't care about hope.

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:facehoof: I can see this is going to end well...

i dont know what this is.....but i like it:pinkiehappy:


The fiction is a side story of Fallout Equestria, a quite famous fiction published on Equestria Daily. I tried to use just the setting with the minimal interference with canon characters and even keeping the presence of the original ponies from FIM at the minimum, but it's not easy.


About where the story is going.... well... it's Fallout, everything that could go wrong already did ^_^

oh god oliver and company. at lest my sister isnt readin this with me, otherwise id ahve to look up that song.


well, it seemed fitting ^_^

WHAT! 14.28? dangit, knew i should have grabbed the rainbow dash one.

6 Chapters and no comments? Whhhaaatttt?

Thats Treason, this story deserves more attention, I love it a LOT. :twilightsmile:


Well, they were 6 fast chapters: I'm publishing a chapter every 2 days, as soon as I finish re-reading the GDocs; when the publishing om FimFic will reach the published on GDocs expect the pace to slow down (it won't take very much, the story on GDocs arrives at chap 9).

For the comments I was actually expecting something like this: Pink Eyes is a side story of a fanfiction, this cuts by far the potential readers.

So, Lonesome Pony, why are you writing a fic and publishing it if you don't expect somepony to read it?

I'm writing this story because I can't play a Fallout Equestria pony RPG campaign and this story contains more or less the adventures I was going to propose to an eventual party of players, with me giving the resolution to every adventure from the point of view of what was meant to be the mascotte of the group and now is the protagonist.

As soon as I have a party of 5 interested in the story that's enough for me, because as a game master i wasn't going to get more public.

But if you have something to say about the story feel free to comment or ask and I'll try to reply, just don't ask spoilers, Puppy Please.

Aww, poor Puppysmiles.:fluttercry: Hope her mom is aliveish somehow(Downloaded AI in a computer,ghoul, ect.). Seeing her mom dead would probably break Puppy and make the story quite hard to write I would think, but I'm sure you have a plan for that.

I'm really liking this story. It's well written, has an interesting plot, and one of the most unique main characters I've ever seen, especially for this type of setting. There are some grammatical errors, but less than alot of stories I've read.

Looking forward to the next chapters, just don't be too really mean to Puppysmiles! Puppy please? That would make me sad.:fluttershysad:


Thank you for taking the time to comment ^_^ I'm sorry for the errors, the story goes trough a couple of pre-readers (two pre readers that help me a lot) but I lack an editor from chapter 2 so I have to deal with the adjustements myself and I'm not even English first language.

About the story, I don't want to spoiler in any way, but her armor of ignorance is something mighty ^_^


Na. I wasn't looking for any spoilers, and her ignorance has shown to be truly mighty, as is the strength and weakness of innocence, and why she can smash anything in her way with no guilt. I am curios if she will knowingly kill any ponies during her travels, and how her ignorance will hold up to that. Again not looking for spoilers, just thinking.:derpytongue2:

Anyway, looking forward to the next chapter! Keep up the good work!:pinkiesmile:


Remember that she must behave or mom will scold her! Seeing Puppy hurting somepony on her free will could be almost impossible... or maybe not? dum dum duuum!

Chapter nine will be out in two or three days.

It is incredibly awesome.

First thing, it is refreshing to see foal travelling wastelands. Not some expirienced mare or buck, but little, naive and cute... canterlot ghoul. Yeah, that's too. With her Mister Voice and very, very neat luck, manner of speech and ability to save somepony without even realizing it she is one of the most interesting dwellers.

And because she's ghoul she pretty much invincible, at least very resilient and regenerating. Good to see confused bandits, they surely not expected ghoul filly fresh from Canterlot.

Oohkay, she IS retarded. But she's sure is funny.

Mh, 4.8 out of 10 votes becomes 4.4 out of 11... if I'm doing it really wrong, please at least give a reason... Puppy please?


I love it too but what to comment? It is awesome and flawless. Puppy is dumb, cute and d'awww .

7758 7760 7772

Well, I wanted to try "Let's play Fallout" with the low int character, she's not exactly retard, but she's trying hard =P

This is almost criminally adorable. I salute you, sir or madam, for you have made lighthearted FOE actually work.


Okay, I totally love her. She is low-int high-charisma Canterlot Ghoul that knows password for nearly everything, friends with AI, and kills bullies with Rock of Destiny. I love how Trigger Happy reacted at her zombie-ness.

Also, do you plan to sent it on EqD? I think they'll add it without second thought. I'll try to sent it myself but they accepting stories only from authors...


I've already sent it, I think it will be on the next FoE side story general post when it's updated. I missed last update by a few hours.

Nightmare Puppysmiles? WE'RE DOOOOOOMED!!!

Im gonna sing the doom song now. Doom!Doom!Doom!Doom!Doom!Doom!


^^ great chapter.

Im gonna sing the doom song now. Doom!Doom!Doom!Doom!Doom!Doom!


^^ great chapter.

oh dear god.....that would either be the best thing ever or the worst thing that could ever happen.


Nightmare Puppysmiles, mh? We'll see...


Thank you very much, i was wondering if there were music sheets for that song, maybe I'll steal it sooner or later, it seems fitting for Puppy trying to be menacing.


Can't... spoiler... must... resist...

On a lighter note, I was told by one of my two pre-readers: hey, but it's Nyx! Now I don't know if I should read Past Sins just to not go on an already used story or if I should avoid it to not get influenced...


Please, PLEASE, PUH-LEEEAZE don't read Past Sins! It's have overly written, boring, annoying, repeating again and again long angsty inner monologues in lines like "I am monster, but I don't want to, but I was born monster but I don't want to be one I did something good but I'm monster and they see monster in me" OVER AND OVER AND OVER

DO NOT MAKE PUPPY angsty whiny Nyx, please!


If that's the problem, I dont' think that Puppy has enogh brain to have an internal struggle... remember that she worships a compass...

And just to put a spotlight on the concept, here's a little treat from chap 11 (not really a spoiler)

"Some heroes fall, some heroes get killed, some heroes disappear in a Stable and never come back... well, our hero gets spanked."

I stil lthink that I have to read Past Sins one day or another, but I'll follow your suggestion and read it when P.E. willi be finished.

i... I don't know what to say. That chapter is a masterpiece. Puppy's reputation finally worked for her benefit - ponies didn't shoot at her now! Well, it's because they know she's harmless and stupid but still.

Fun trick with "Nightmare Voice... too long, you're Creepy Voice now!"

Henri and Puppy bonded just well, and it's fun that Puppy can be shot in the heart for fun and just complain about it.

Pfft! Whining presence! Loose reputation. Priceless xD

"leave here everything heavy you have in your bags"
- leave everything heavy you have in your bags here

"even more important, it needed time that they didn't have"
- even more importantly, it required time that they didn't have


The mercenary spat on ground.
- spat on the ground

Those are the ones that jumped out at me a lot. Good to see you're still moving forward with this one still.

keep it up this is gold cant wait to see what comes next :derpyderp2:

Keep it up this is gold have to say i like the way you connect the readers to the characters it rare to find it in many ficts :rainbowkiss:


Thank you for the kind comment, I'm happy that you like how Puppy and Henri are faring: originally I planned for her to appear only in chickens/gunslinger girl, but I guess that a presonality like hers needs space on the scene.


I wanted the world arounf Puppy to be influenced by her interesting adventures, but I didn't want her to be some sort of fabled hero; whiny presence helps me keeping her "legend" at bay.


Thank you super much for the corrections. There are construction in the English language that I simply can't see; everytime you find something wrong and point it out Puppy is happy because her story gets better.


Thank you very much, I'm happy to see that the way I depict my chars is working; I'm always afraid of cutting too much on descriptions and such, so this kind of feedback tells me that somehow I'm still walking on the right trail.

On a lighter note, I have the flu and it's possible that chapter 11 will be delayed, I'm at 2k words right nao and 4k to go, but I cant focus on what I am doing. I am also looking for a decent image to use for this story, but I am not exactly a master of the brush; anything will do, as long as it is FoE related, if you have in mind something fitting, please tell.

Hmmm ill put the word out that your looking for an image not sure how much it will help though :rainbowdetermined2:

This is a great story. Puppy is an interesting (not to mention cute) character to follow, and I can only hope that nice things happen to her. But of course, this is the wasteland, and hope can only go so far.

I suppose the only thing I can say is: can I has more?

I've read this in one breath. Great banter on F:E series and Fallout itself.

"Shaping nightmares"- priceless :coolphoto:

You incorporated many memes here... It's magic, lol. And I love how Puppy makes imossible possible - if you don't know you not supposed to find anything in old empty ruins, you can find awesome things. Also, love to see honest guard, that was awesome!

oh geez, Puppy has the Euclid's C-Finder...thank Celestia that the satellites arn't powered >.>


Thank you very much, actually I got an offer for a fanart in a PVT message, we'll see ^_^


It's quite weird to reply now at the message because we had already a good chance to talk during the editing, but I think that a thank you even here won't hurt and will keep intact my policy of replying to all the messages I can ^_^ also, cheers for my editor! Yay!


Thank you very much for the kind comment, I'm happy to see that you liked the story, I'm trying to keep a good quality in the plot, but Puppy pratically writes herself the most of the time; really, that filly is a menace... =P


Eh, I try to sneak some meme here and there, mostly putting them in Puppy's lines, I think that a lot of them fits with her (since Puppy is somehow the pony bersion of a lolcat I find it fitting ^_-)


Well, it seemed almost mandatory to give her the satellite cannon, considering how you find it in N.V. - And it's powered, it needed only to launch some self repairing spell and to adjust the orbit of the satellites that form Ponymedes Net... will Puppy use this Chekov's gun? I have no idea, we'll see.

On a lighter note, chapter one has been completely edited and re-uploaded, being now at least 20% cooler and 100% cleaner (again, than you uSea)
Aaaaand i have no idea of when chapter 12 will be on, at the moment it has a word coint of 2, usually it takes a week to write the raw, so please be patient.

Oh, and Puppy hugs you all! Thank you everypony ^_^

Well i try to help were i can :rainbowdetermined2: just keep up the great work on the story and i hope it helps :rainbowkiss:

Oh the satellites are powered just not calibrated. Mime just handed Puppy Chekov's Gun of Mass Destruction.

Luna damn ya, Mime, but ya always make me tear up everytime Puppy comes across some long lost sign of her mother. And everytime, I'm hoping that Rainy Days somehow survived whether as a ghoul or in suspended animation or as an uploaded AI.

But then again, a bittersweet ending where Puppy moves on but is loved and gland care has just as much attraction and seems more pointant and in line with the FE-verse. It ain't entirely a happy place.

A perfect counterpoint for a too dark "Project Horizons". The abundance of memes kills the immersion somewhat, but is still pretty funny. Thanks for the great story, I'm going to follow it as closely as I do with FOE and FOE:PH (FOE universe - so unpony, yet so entertaining ugh! Curse you grimdark!).
You mentioned that fan-art is already being taken care of, but maybe you wouldn't mind if somepony else try it too? Before drawing anything (with radsuit and all) I'd like to know if you're OK with this design: Pre-war Puppysmiles (or the mane should be curly? or straight? etc.).

Eh, won't spoiler the ending, sorry =P
I'm sorry for the sad parts but Puppy's story has that premise; at least I hope to deliver them in a decent way (I.E. not too boring)

I know that the memes could kill the mood, but I considered that this story has a protagonist so dumb that somehow for her talking meme should be natural and gave me the opportunity to have some more fun with the usual uber dark atmosphere. I'm happy that you put P.E. next to FoE and PH, but I don't think to be even near to Kk 's or Somber's skill. Actually I'm reading the others side stories too and I find the most of them to contain original and interesting ideas, mixed with styles that I like a lot.
Regarding the Fanart, your Puppy is super double cute and she's more than okay, I guess that i'll have to begin keeping a gallery ^_^
At the moment, if you give me the permission, I'll start putting the link into the Gdocs version of the story.

I'm trying my best and have a small staff of 2 pre-readers and an editor that help me keeping the story on the right trails; chapter 12 is halfway through the first writing, still can't say when it will be on, I'd say friday night or saturday morning (as usual, just pre-read but not edited, since uSea is editing the whole thing from the beginning it will take a bit before we reach the chapters but I'm not sure that you'll e eager to wait untill the whole thing is edited.)

Now, some commuications: after a chat with Anon Samurai, it was proposed the idea of creating a FoE side stories post on /pony/, similar to the conversion boureau one, before doing anything Anon is checking if there are enough authors to make the whole thing work; I'll keep you informed of any advancement in the project and if you have stories of FoE or are planning on writing them, feel free to join.
There is the draft of the basic post that wil lgo on on a Gdoc made by Anon Samurai, but before starting he'd like to talk with as mmany authors as possible, here's the link

Chapter 2 editing is almost finished, expect to find it edited in a few days

Aaaaaand, still waiting for the FoE side stories post on EqD to update; at this point i think it should be soon, it was updated more than a month ago...

From Mime it's all, thank you for your nice comments and see you soon!

P.S. Puppy wanted to say hi, but Henri is teasing her so it will be for the next time =P

I like this story, its so much less dark than than foe/foe project horizons. Puppy smiles is so dumbly adorable. Teehee I have a character named Molten Gold too :heart:

"At the moment, if you give me the permission, I'll start putting the link into the Gdocs version of the story."

It's yours to use as you see fit :raritywink:

Beautiful but bittersweet development in the journey of Rainy Days. Well done there.:applecry:

Also, you've given a small child the controls to an orbital laser cannon... A soon-to-be fully functional orbital laser cannon.

Interesting, it has a number of grammar and spelling mistakes, but, it can be overlooked for some odd reason. Must be cause Puppysmiles ain't the brightest... and that just sets it for the whole story.

I'd think the perception and intelligence stat should be 3 instead of 4. If 5 is the average...

thank you ^_^ Molten Gold is mostly a mummy robbing tombs, it seemed quite ironical to me, and very karmic

thank you, i put it on chapter 1 in the Gdocs, soon enough I will put it even on FimFic, i have still to decide how. Looking at that picture makes me feel bad for all the bad things i did to her ç_ç

Rainy Days parts can only be sad parts, so far. For the orbital gun... (deletes 3 lines of spoilers) no! must.... resist... spoilering....

I know that the work has some big flaws on the language side, but I finally got an editor and we are slowly workingto give Pink Eyes a better shape.
For the INT 3 vs 4 problem, it's a big problem, because INT 3 is the complete retarded but 4 seems too high... Puppy will qualify for a 3.5, exactly in the middle... if I am going to lower INT what am i going to raise? AGI? STR? STA?
Perception seems to me already low enough, consider that Puppy more than not noticing things simply doesn't give attention to them, but she finds stuff everywhere, so she must have a minimal PER, at least to notice them.

Ithink this is all for today, just a little communications: last night the FoE Side Stories document was discussed and we began working on it; quite soon it will appear a post on /pony/, similar to the conversion bureau post, it is meant as a place where every author can post his work in progress and projecs, looking for some help or simply a honest opinion. Feel free to join, for now here's again the link to the document on GDocs


chapter 12 is 75% done, it needs a lot of pre-reading and such, so don't hold your breath waiting for it... maybe by the end of this week, hardly soner.

From Mime it's all, thank you for your comments ^_^

P.S. Puppy took home a parador today, he's beginning to chew through the barricade, I think that me and that foal are going to have a talk about pets.

looking forward to chapter twelve :rainbowkiss: though i really hope things don't go to far down hill after puppy finds out about her mothers death or ????
Also makes me wonder about puppy's new stripe
P.S. When in doubt get a gold fish theirs already a puppy :derpyderp2::derpytongue2:

I really really really love this story :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

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