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Snakebite Tourniquet was quite content to work as a healer on a merchants caravan, but then he finds himself alone in the desert with his body changed beyond recognition. He tries to find out why this has happened to him and eventually this leads him back home to the Neigherra Madre Mountains.

This fan-fiction is based on Fallout Equestria by Kkat; a familiarity with the source material may aid your understanding.

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At first I was like "hmm."


That's a doozy of a plot twist right off the bat, talk about a shitty day lol. You have my attention, I am now interested. A little less descriptive than what I'm used to in a FO:E fic, but considering the quality of most stories I won't be unfair as to hold you to that fucking giganticly lofty standard. This is quite good enough as it is.

Enjoy a five star rating to start you out. The premise is perhaps the most unique yet, can't wait to see where you take this.

:rainbowkiss: Wow i have to say this is the first of its kind im really looking forward to chapter two i really mean it great job :)

Awesome. Main hero as buck, transformed into Goddess, or, to be precise, one of Her Childrens, it's something new. Glad to see it's buck, hope to see his thoughts when stallions try to flirt with him/her.

Don't forget - alicorns DAMN good with magic. Awesomely, amazingly, unbelievably good. Moar magic perks, pls.

5 stars and watching

i'll give this a chance


Tbh I'm surprised it hasn't been done yet. I'm glad you liked it.


It's like "Pink Eyes". New take of main hero. And I like that!

Who are you ponies an what are you doing on my lawn?

Oh I like this one. I read a lot of FO:E stories and I have to say this one has the most interesting premise I've seen so far.

Hell you have managed to create a memory loss, god level magic using gender changed hero in the space of one chapter and made it work.

Lets see where this goes shall we?

This seems like a pretty interesting story so far. Can't wait for the next chapter. :pinkiehappy:

I really cant wait for the next chapter keep it coming i really enjoy your writing style :rainbowdetermined2:

Wow in two chapters you already have me into the story great work :rainbowkiss:

Man, you don't update enough. You already have me hooked.

can't wait for more. this is a good one. :pinkiesmile:

Now THIS will be goooood!


Ditto this oughta be fun :heart:

Another really solid chapter. Good job. Can't wait to see Snakebite talking to the priest.

Okay, now that Fo:E is finally done I hope that I can start to speed up.

Finally I got around to reading this chapter! =D
I'm willing to bet that kid, Runs Wild, is her/him/it/Snakebites first companion ^^

Oh, and there is a spelling error near the beginning; you write "preformed" instead of "performed" at one point, right after Snakebite learns the invisibility spell.

Dang i really am starting to take a likeing to this story im really hoping for many more chapters:ajsmug:
Also just wanted to know are you looking for any pre/proofreaders

I have to say, I usually avoid FoE spin-offs like the plague... But this is awesome!:trollestia:

The writing style is becoming smoother and smoother. :)

I dare say this might be Project Horizons quality. Unique and completely interesting premise, convincing characters, and it's far-flung enough from the original story to be it's own thing, but still close enough to be related. A few little typos again, but they don't really matter. Damn good stuff here, can't wait for the next chapter.

Not bad, not bad. It's definitely an interesting take on FO:E and it read pretty smoothly. Two Things I'd like to address.

1. Get a really good proof reader and editor, there were several times I noticed words that were misspelled that wouldn't get caught by spell check because they formed a different word(IE, have instead of gave or trough instead of through.)

2. A story like this requires some custom artwork, and I really want to see what an Alicorn looks like in a duster and a slouch hat. I'd offer my services but I draw worse than a blind preschooler who's prone to seizures.


1. Yeah, English is my second language so I have some troubles with spelling. I'm Swedish btw. And I got an offer from NeverKnown regarding proofreading and have responded.
Furthermore; It's bloody amazing how those kinds of mistakes slip past you even after a fourth read through.

2. I do want some artwork for the story, and I'm in the progress of asking Sw1tchbl4de on deviant-art for a cover. He did the covers for PH, Heroes, and New Beginnings. All Fo:E spin-offs.

93005 so thats the guy who did that cover work cant wait to see what comes of it :trollestia:

All three chapters have been given a proper proof-read and have been updated.

:pinkiehappy: Let me put this out here This next chapters gonna be good :pinkiehappy:

Can I just get some clarification on something I've been wondering about?
Alicorns = Super Mutants?

95962 Yes, Alicorns are the Super Mutant equivalent in Fallout: Equestria.


How's the next chapter coming?

98041 It's pretty much written in my head, I'm figuring out pacing and what to include before starting to write.

Finally I got around to reading the latest chapter! Damn you Skyrim, damn you...

IMO, it was an excellent chapter =D The only thing is that I feel the little section about in what way he cares for Running was a little forced; after all, they have know eachother for barely a day, so I find it unlikely for his mind to go that way. *shrug*
I hope you keep the whole "used to be a male" thing secret from everyone else though; it makes for lovely comedy xD

108250 Duly noted, perhaps it was a little forced.

Oh who am I kidding. It was a lot forced, and I'll keep it in mind for the next chapter.

God I wish some native English speakers had grammar that was half as good as yours. I was never too into FO:E, but the basic premise is a good enough hook to keep me interested. I'm looking forward to more

Don't worry about it too much. as a great lock picker once said, "Sometimes you just got to force it."

I'm more interested in what's going to happen next. I actually like this lost alicorn premise better than the one in New beginnings.

Oh, and when the heck is the next chapter getting here?

113852 It's turning into a big one, not earlier than next week I'm afraid. I want to get the last scene right.

Thanks for the update it was great!

Loved every second of it, especialy squeeking RW, That was Juicy

Great chapter. definitely worth the wait. Considering Project horizons updated today as well, I've gotten my fix of FO:E for a while, but fixes don't last forever. Hurry along with the next chapter please.

My goodness I've been reading this since chapter one and I just realized I forgot to rate it. My bad :twilightblush:

Enjoy your 5 stars.

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