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Here, we try to connect writers to editors and pre-readers, hassle free. We also strive to be a more social group like many others on this site; connecting users with similar interests and promoting content we feel strongly about.

If you're a writer of Fallout: Equestria based fanfiction and looking for an editor, a pre-reader, a comment, or whatever, please, post your stuff here for everyone to see.

{Although not everything involved here will have adult material, Fo:E and its subsequent fan-fics contain gore and sex to some degree or another. You have been advised.}


Fallout: Equestria - by Kkat.
This is the original story and it it where you should start and refer back to regarding your fics as well as others'.

Fo:E - Project Horizons - by: Somber
Although this story in not canon to the original, it is a great story and many consider it to be canon. It expands on the original in many ways and is a very emotional adventure. It is also the longest Fo:E fanfic at 2.5 million words; approximately, and roughly 20,000 word per chapter. A highly recommended story after the original.

Fo:E - Pink Eyes - by mimezinga
A great story and highly recommended within the Fo:E fandom. This story is more on the light-hearted side while still containing the important elements of Fo:E.

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