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This will hit the feature box in no time I'll bet.

This is the story that inspired me to start writing.  Thank you very much!


~Skeeter The Lurker

ha-wha? it's here?! YAY YAY YAY YAY

This is what's happening.

Edit: Knighty made a blog post saying, "It's happening," as a joke for this fiction getting posted on the site. It's been deleted now, though.



Glad to finally see this up here! :pinkiehappy:


OMG you're back! :rainbowkiss:

In addition, I am aware of the heated opinions surrounding this story.  I will be policing the comments section.  Posts that are rude or hostile will be deleted; trolls and members of hate-groups will be blocked.  My goal with the comments section would be to create a friendly, hospitable atmosphere for people to discuss the story.

I hope that constructive crit is welcome?

Is this real life?

I FINALLY get to read this!

After so long!  Thank you!

~Skeeter The Lurker


Or is this just fantasy?


not completely. however, I am writing again, even though my FIMfic time is still rather limited for now.

This is a fantastic story. Once I got a few chapters in, I didn't want to put it down. I swear I finished it in a week! Your story also encouraged me to purchase Fallout 3. :twilightsmile:

I do have a question for you, though. How do you write chapters that are so massive? I feel daunted just writing chapters that are about 5,000 words.

Oh boi here we go! I am excited that this is on a site of which I am unforcefully chained to so I finally get to read it.

Finally! I don't have to nearly blow up my computer just to access this! I can finally finish it -- the last two chapters will tease me no longer!

Comment posted by Washingtonian deleted at 7:26pm on the 22nd of July, 2013

Hmmm, I might be wrong but I don't think that FoE is only "teen" level gore. Also, those few offscreen sex scenes are not enough to justify the "sex" tag, I think (considering the whole story is over 600k words long).

Anyway, I have some positive memories related to this story; took me well over a week to read it all...

A time well spent, though :twilightsmile:

Man KKat, thanks so much for posting it to FimFiction! I can't wait to read it!


     Why didn't you read it on the EQD?  I know you're going to love it Skeeter, be sure to tell me how you feel about each chapter.  I'm having a friend read it and I want to hear opinions, I figured I'd ask you to because I see you SO much on this site!


Never cared for EqD.  They just seemed...  I dunno.

That and I like the layout of this site better.

~Skeeter The Lurker

First MLP fic I ever read.


I hate reading stories on Google Docs. I like to revise my stories once I upload OpenOffice docs but I never like reading stories on Google Docs.

I prefer the layout of Fimfiction better. Its easier for me.

Wow. I can't believe my own eyes. This is here. It's finally here. God. Wow. The best story in this fandom is right here, on Fimfiction. Wow. I... I have no words. Thank you so much for uploading it here! :heart:


     Oh my, I wish I would have known, it linked to G-docs and you got to read it there.  So you never read any of it on the EqD.  Still, I hope you LOVE it and tell me about your love!:pinkiehappy:


Pop the champagne bottles, kiddos. Another Titan is upon us, and I think this completes The Big Three on Fimfiction.

Oh Sweet Celestia. YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!

The feature box will never be the same now.

Also, I now need to change my top ten list for my favorite  fanfics. Darn, I spent weeks creating that list.

Also, one question, will the unoffical 20.5 be updated here? I know it was written by someone else and it wasn't part of the fic originally but it did add to little Pip's character.


     What are the other two?

This is the story I want to remember when I think of the MLP fandom in 20 years.

Tell me, is this story any good?

Aw hell yeah! Maybe now I'll actually get round to reading the damn thing! :twilightsheepish:



Past Sins and My Little Dashie.


I need some free time.


     Ah, I just bought Past Sins and have yet to read My Little Dashie

>>2917727 Right? They just seem like a site below this site, really. :applejackunsure:

So this is what is happening.Time for this fic to last a LONG time in the feature box!:coolphoto:


Kinda.  But I have some respect for them.

~Skeeter The Lurker

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:rainbowkiss: I wub you.

Hello, you handsome devil of a story! We've been waiting for you!

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